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Hackers make clones of mail from boss to cheat 5-star hotel, Arrested

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 11, 2016

Eight men, including four Nigerian nationals, were kept for cheating a five-star hotel establishment out of Rs 42 lakh after sending a ‘spoofed’ email to the accounts supervisor of Hotel Crowne Lonja in Greater Noida. In cybercrime terminology, ’email spoofing’ is the creation of electronic mails with a forged sender address to mislead the recipient […]

Mahashtra First To Launch Cyber Police Stations In All Districts

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 4, 2016

MUMBAI: Maharashtra is converting forty-two state-of-the-art cyber crime labs into cyber police areas, as part of the BJP-led government’s programme to take on hackers or cyber criminals. “Maharashtra is the first state in the country which will have a cyber police station in each district simultaneously”, Home Department told to news organization PTI. Cyber crime […]

IT woman shames cyber bully on Facebook

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 4, 2016

KOLKATA: It started with a Facebook page that advertised memes. But the exercise in good humour soon changed into a page for sexist digs. When software engineer-and-actor Panchali Kar protested against the dirty memes, she was put through internet bullying. But Kar continued to be unfazed. She emailed the screenshots of the articles of her […]

42 year old Bikaner man held for tweet spat over Dipa Karmakar

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment October 10, 2016

The city police on Sunday caught a 42-year-old man for trolling a Jaipur-based girl following the latter made a remark on Twitter about gymnast Dipa Karmakar. The police used a private IT and Cyber Security expert and composed to Twitter headquarters to track the accused. The accused has been determined as Rajesh Panwar (42), a […]

Protect your kids from Cyber Crime

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment October 8, 2016

Internet is a great platform to learning anything and very easy to connect with people. Internet have vast range of information, and it helps you in daily life activities. But unfortunately students or kids are waste their time without taking any positive benefits. And most important they are doing or helping cyber criminal unknowingly!!! Cyberops […]

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