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IT woman shames cyber bully on Facebook | Cyberops

IT woman shames cyber bully on Facebook

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment November 4, 2016


KOLKATA: It started with a Facebook page that advertised memes. But the exercise in good humour soon changed into a page for sexist digs. When software engineer-and-actor Panchali Kar protested against the dirty memes, she was put through internet bullying. But Kar continued to be unfazed. She emailed the screenshots of the articles of her bully to the commissioner of law enforcement, shared screenshots of her email on social media to ensure her tormentor gets shamed publicly.

The girl also filed a GD with Dum police. “I feel keeping silent does not help and we need to shame these bullies publicly. I have protested against cyber bullies previously, ” Kar said. This kind of is the second time she has complained to the cops. “On the earlier occasion, I experienced taken screenshots of the person bullying someone else and mailed it to the cops. A couple of days later, I had formed received a reply from the authorities and had forwarded it to the person who was being bullied”, she said.

Naturally, the Facebook page of Bankura memes has a please note stating it was managed just for “pure intelligence. Don’t take the articles personally. It’s just for fun! So have fun! We don’t promote stealing subjects. Our posts are original! ”

From Dev to Tapas Paul, from Mamata Banerjee to Anjan Dutt — many have recently been a target of these memes. Initially, the memes were funny. But soon, the humor turned into obscene sexist remarks. The memes that Kar got found objectionable involves those of Shah Rukh Khan and Tolly actress Paoli Dam.

Kar wasn’t frightened of protesting. “It is the bully who should be scared and not me. I am a stage actor and We make documentary films. Besides, I have been working as an IT expert at TCS for 6 years. Srijit Mukherji has shared my post. We will continue sharing this Raj Chatterjee who was bullying me online. My personal colleagues in office are incredibly supportive, ” she said. Paoli, who was prospective of the memes that Kar had posted, continued to be silent.

Source: Timesofindia (India Times)

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