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Learn how to avoid any Credit/Debit card and Financial Fraud

Avoid Credit/Debit Card and Financial Fraud

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment July 21, 2016

avoid credit card debit card and financial frauds

  • Beware or Avoid phishing. Verify that you are obtaining emails from the correct sender i. e. if you are supposed to get email from facebook then sender should be not
  • Prior to logging into the accounts check properly the web address of website. Such as if you are logging into your ICICI bank account then url should be not the
  • Never give your recommendations like card number, cvv number, flag or security password or username on phone to anyone whether the person on phone say you that he/she belongs to your bank or company. Standard bank and company never ask you for any personal information for you they already have it if they require.
  • Usually prefer Cash On Delivery option when buying online.
  • Prior to entering your credential in website check whether it contains HTTP or HTTPS. If its HTTPS then you can certainly proceed but if their HTTP then don’t get into your credential like CVV number etc.
  • Generate 3D-Secure password for your credit/debit card. If you avoid your online banking or online shopping then at-least you should put it to use once to create 3D-Secure password.
  • Get into your 3D-Secure password, CVV number, Expiry date of your card to only on your payment portal. When using buying online then you will get your banks payment gateway site like…
  • Be aware of Nigerian scams you can see here for security tips from Nigerian scams (419 frauds).
  • All of us got a case where a fraud has recently been created by a matrimony website so if anyone ask you for cash on internet via matrimony website then ignore this or if you feel that this is simply not right then just accumulate more and more information for your satisfaction.
  • About free add-posting website like olx, quicker etc anyone can post advertisement for their product however, many time hackers post an add in which offers an unusual deal or something like that therefore please be aware of this and prefer Cash on Delivery.
  • Use debit cards credit card, wire transfer, or money order only when you trust the seller.
  • ALWAYS BE WARY of goods offering revolutionary results. Generally , they are fraudulent claims.
  • USUALLY DO NOT respond to emails that request your personal information, such otherwise you log in details or credit-based card, visa or mastercard details.
  • Never delay to report a lost credit card as the outcomes can be highly devastating.Thoroughly check the genuineness of the firm, the website, or any other transnational society where your hard earned money would be flowing through.
  • Open google. com and search for the credibility or reliability of website. Use common and famous website for online recharge, Online shopping etc.. Examine the rating of website from
  • Never give away your personal/confidential information over the phone until you are sure of the person the other end.
  • Consider a pause before going into any type of online deal and decide on the authenticity of the deal.
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