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Author: Karnveer Singh

One in five children face online abuse. This is how parents can fight back

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment September 5, 2017

According to Teens, Tweens and Technology study 2015, conducted by Intel Security 81 percent of Indian children aged eight 8 and 16 are active on social media networks, and about 22 percent of them are bullied online. Does your child spend more time on smartphones? Is your child very active on social media? Do you […]

5 things about Wanna-Cry Ransomware attack and How to avoid becoming a Victim

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment May 17, 2017

That the hacker can have control of your data on your computer and can even demand ransom for it has become a horrifying reality with the WannaCry ransomware attack that was uncovered on Friday. So, what is WannaCry? WannaCry is a ransomware program targeting Microsoft’s windows operating system has evidently impacted over 10, 000 organizations […]

Jharkhand emerges hotbed of low-tech cyber crimes

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment November 28, 2016

The typical literacy rate in Jamtara, a predominantly tribal area in Jharkhand, is around 65 percent, much lower than the nationwide average of 74 percent. Yet, the people here are surprisingly tech-savvy. A current document on an awareness drive by the Election Commission notes, “Telecommunication penetration is actually higher (despite poor signal and connection problems […]

42 year old Bikaner man held for tweet spat over Dipa Karmakar

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment October 10, 2016

The city police on Sunday caught a 42-year-old man for trolling a Jaipur-based girl following the latter made a remark on Twitter about gymnast Dipa Karmakar. The police used a private IT and Cyber Security expert and composed to Twitter headquarters to track the accused. The accused has been determined as Rajesh Panwar (42), a […]

Students taking Cyber Space for granted

By Karnveer Singh 0 Comment September 7, 2016

Advancement in technology has made a revolutionary change the way internet is used like online shopping, Net Banking, social medial platforms like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, Twitter,You Tube ,E-mail and also invited threats along like hacking, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, defamation, identity theft etc. However, there is a lack of understanding of privacy and security […]

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