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Protect your kids from Cyber Crime | Cyberops

Protect your kids from Cyber Crime

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment October 8, 2016


Internet is a great platform to learning anything and very easy to connect with people. Internet have vast range of information, and it helps you in daily life activities. But unfortunately students or kids are waste their time without taking any positive benefits. And most important they are doing or helping cyber criminal unknowingly!!!

Cyberops give you some safety strategies for parents to avoid cyber crime for their kids

  • Aware yourself and discuss with your child about the cyber crime

Firstly you have to update about cyber crime as an parents, then teach your children about cyber crime and potential dangerous of the internet and sexual victimization. Honestly and openly talk with your kids and ask with friendly or discuss that what they are doing on internet.

  • Place your computer system in common area at your home

This is the most important thing which you can do. Do not let alone your kids while they are using internet or operate computer or laptop. If they are using personal device like laptop, smart phones to use get online then may be its dangerous for them. And notice time to time that what they are doing and what the minimize window and other things.

  • Review the history and logs of computer and mobile time to time

Absence of your kids, you have to review the history and logs of computer, laptop and smart phone. You can check browser history, cookies, system history, cookies and temp folder. You can check also deleted files in recycle bin. If kid is suspect then discuss openly and try to teach about dangerous about that things.

  • Be aware of your kid is not using another person name profile on internet

It is very common cyber crime which done by kids. They are using another person (may be their friends, relatives or famous person) name with their image on internet. Something kids are make profile on internet with change their gender and then make huge number of friends. So aware about it

  • Avoid Downloads

Kid friendly sites attract by colorful advertisement of sexual predators or any other such as how to earn money fast, how to make gun/bomb at home etc. So as an parents teach your kids to always ask permission before clicking an advertisements or download anything. Some time they download malicious file unknowingly and your system will infected, then the crime is begin such as your PC is used for any cyber crime, or you can victim also like online banking fraud, social media accounts hack etc.

  • Block unnecessary sites 

You can block unwanted website on your computer system you can use basic trick to block any website or you can use VPN also.

  • Never allow to kids to video chat without your permission

If your children want to video chat with their friends or someone else then make sure that he/she take permission to guardians or parents and monitor to them.

So basically as an parent or guardian update yourself and talk with your kids honestly and openly about internet and cyber crime.

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