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Android Warning: A Latest Malicious Application just hits the Play Store | Radio Balouch

Android Warning: A Latest Malicious Application just hits the Play Store

By Dibya Nayani Senapati 0 Comment August 24, 2019

Google Play store is one of the most trusted platforms for the android user and most of the android users use Google Play store to download any application, but this much blind trust can be dangerous for you because security Researchers discovered a dangerous spyware app which hits the official Play store, twice. 

The application containing spyware is known as Radio Balouch or RB Music. This application is based on open source espionage tool called AhMyth and the intentions of this malware are cleverly hidden. The app offers fully working streaming radio for Balouchi music lovers – but it also steals your personal data.

It’s not the first time that malicious apps based on AhMyth have appeared since it was made publicly available in late 2017. But, Radio Balouch is the first to make it onto the official Google Play store and the Researchers also said that it’s spying capabilities can easily be attached to another app.

This application was removed from the Play Store within 24 hours after it was initially discovered and reported to Google by the ESET Researchers but the attackers put the application back up on Google Play store once again after 10 days and again it was found by ESET and removed by Google.

The Malware Researcher, Luke Stenfanko at ESET had conducted the investigation, said that Google let the same developer post “this evident malware” to the store repeatedly is “disturbing”.

The malware, which was detected by ESET as an Android spy agent was also available on alternative app stores and it was also promoted on a website, via Instagram and Youtube. ESET has reported about this but still, they are waiting for the response.

The data-stealing capabilities of Radio Balouch are quite disturbing. The malicious functionality enables the application to steal contacts, harvest files, and send SMS messages from the affected device.

The Radio Balouch application first appeared on Google Play on July 2 then again it appeared on July 13 and was again swiftly removed. But luckily, this malicious application has not affected too many users, and this application was removed by the Play Store at the correct time: ESET detected just over 100 installs.

It’s just a wake – up call for the Google Play Store. The number of installation isn’t huge, but the fact is that it can happen again, so google play store is more concerned about this.

There are a few things you can do to avoid becoming a victim in the future. It’s important to keep your Android device up-to-date and anti-virus to protect your device. In addition, be alert while you are giving the permissions to any application and make sure you should read the reviews.

Issues with the Play store are really dangerous for android users. If Google doesn’t do something about it soon, it’s possible that some people may even choose to give up on this platform together. 

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