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How to identify fake online shopping website like a Cyber expert

How to identify fake online shopping website

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment July 21, 2016

how to identify

How to identify fake shopping website

If you want to buy something online, you generally search for cheap clothes, or cheap shoes, but that is not always the easiest method to find a trusted and genuine shopping website. Many fraud websites are located on the top pages on Google search engine when you search for a brand name followed by the term “cheap”, “cheapest” or “wholesale”.

Fake shopping websites resemble any other genuine e-commerce website, with a good HTML template, with the logos related to obligations accepted, such as bank cards, paypal etc. And with logos related to (fake) trustworthiness certificates.

Now I tell you that how to identify that shopping website is genuine or not

Check the complete website with URL


Make sure that your website URL is correct or not look like same as original website for example you want to shop on but it may be fake so it could be

Basically it’s same as flipkart but it’s a fake website. So make sure that URL is correct.

Low price are not always good


When we see the low price like discount up to 50% or even more. And we don’t think about it and just click and thought that it may be genuine website and we made payment and then we realize that it’s a fake website because product is not delivered.

Checkout the footer text and look the company name


Every legitimate and trusted website should always have the name of the company located in the footer near the copyright text, with at least the company’s address or the company’s VAT/IVA ID.

Checkout the company website registration date or avoid young websites to shop


With a website you can check the date of register of website, so you can easily analysis that this website is old or not. You can check also that who the owner of website.

Checkout the ranking of website


It’s a great way to analysis the website of genuine or not. Because a good and famous website have good ranking. So you can check on and check out the ranking of worldwide and country wise also.

Make sure that website support HTTPS


It’s a way to check the website, while you are checking the URL make sure that website supports HTTPS. Because it’s a secure way to transmit your data, using of https it’s encrypt your personal information and no one can access your personal information like user name, password, payment details and much more information.

Make sure that English language is correct

Some times when we read the description of any product and we feel that grammar is not correct so it could be suspect, because may be attacker did not pay attention for his language error.

You can ask to Google, Google is your best friend

You can search on Google and read out reviews of website. Google is always helps you.

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