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Are You Using Secured Online Dating Apps?

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 17, 2017

Whilst more and more young people use dating applications for fun or to find the love of their life, new research alerts that these applications are susceptible to hacks, putting you at risk of getting their locations and real names revealed. According to research revealed that many dating applications do not handle users’ sensitive data […]

Apple employees are convicted of stealing users’ personal data

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 10, 2017

Chinese law enforcers detained 22 people on suspicion of violation of privacy and illegal receiving of digital users’ personal data. According to police, 20 of the 22 suspects were members of Apple’s alleged use of internal computer system to collect information on corporate clients, including user names, phone numbers, your Apple ID and other data, […]

Apple has leaks the details of file manager app in iOS 11

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 5, 2017

Just a few hours before the Apple presentation at the conference WWDC 2017 in App Store there was «Files» mysterious application. Application description makes it clear why it is used in iOS, but we can assume that Apple is preparing a complete file manager for its mobile operating system – Finder analog for MacOS.In addition, […]

The virus is found in Google Play, which stealing password from mobile applications

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 8, 2017

  With Google Play, found an app that steals passwords from mobile banking, social. network Facebook and Instagram. Further, hackers are able to do with the phone anything to block the gadget to reveal the social network Facebook or Instagram, hack Google Play, learn Commbank data from any Westpac Mobile Banking etc… Information security specialists […]

Another way to bypass Windows AppLocker

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 8, 2017

Several years ago, Microsoft announced a new tool – AppLocker, which, according to the developers conceived, was designed to improve safety when working in Windows. Not long ago, a researcher Casey Smith discovered in the functional vulnerability that allows working around it. Smith found a way in which the system can run any application, bypassing […]

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