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Apple employees are convicted of stealing users' personal data | Cyberops

Apple employees are convicted of stealing users’ personal data

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 10, 2017

Chinese law enforcers detained 22 people on suspicion of violation of privacy and illegal receiving of digital users’ personal data.

According to police, 20 of the 22 suspects were members of Apple’s alleged use of internal computer system to collect information on corporate clients, including user names, phone numbers, your Apple ID and other data, which they sold in the framework of a fraudulent scheme. Cost records ranged from 10 yuan ($ 1.5) to 180 yuan ($ 26.50). The total amount of information is estimated at more than 50 million yuan ($ 7.36 million). About who owns the data – Apple to Chinese customers or users outside of China – not specified.

After several months of investigation, the police arrested the suspects and seized computers and other evidence of illegal activity. Currently, the investigation continues.

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