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The virus is found in Google Play, which stealing password from mobile applications | Cyberops

The virus is found in Google Play, which stealing password from mobile applications

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 8, 2017


With Google Play, found an app that steals passwords from mobile banking, social. network Facebook and Instagram.

Further, hackers are able to do with the phone anything to block the gadget to reveal the social network Facebook or Instagram, hack Google Play, learn Commbank data from any Westpac Mobile Banking etc…

Information security specialists have identified a Trojan Android / Charger virus on for Mobile Flashlight LED Widget, called “flashlight”. It can send information about the device, including the list of installed applications, and a photograph of the owner made the front-facing camera. The malware then sends to the server cyber data device, a list of installed applications and device owner’s photograph, which was made the front camera of the gadget. All data entered into the phishing window, leaving attackers.

Trojan disguised as a flashlight app.

Hackers have developed a Trojan so that they can control it remotely by redirecting an attack on any of the installed applications. In this case, the program makers are able to redirect its action in almost any application. It is assumed that at this time there is the theft of funds from the account. An attacker to remotely block the smartphone that the victim did not see any suspicious activity and failed to take action. The creators of ESET believe that at this moment, cybercriminals removed from the accounts of the victim’s money, so remotely block the smartphone, the user does not notice any suspicious activity, and could not stop the actions of offenders. At this point, the Trojan launches a fake window for username and password.

Employees of ESET virus laboratory found on Google Play app risky.

There is a unique feature of the “lantern” – its harmful functions are deactivated when the infected smartphone is in the Russian Federation, the Ukraine or Belarus.

To avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, cybersecurity professionals are advised to upload the program only at official sites.

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