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Apple has leaks the details of file manager app in iOS 11 | Cyberops

Apple has leaks the details of file manager app in iOS 11

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 5, 2017

Just a few hours before the Apple presentation at the conference WWDC 2017 in App Store there was «Files» mysterious application.

Application description makes it clear why it is used in iOS, but we can assume that Apple is preparing a complete file manager for its mobile operating system – Finder analog for MacOS.In addition, the program supports only 64-bit architecture – another charge to the complete abandonment of 32-bit applications in the App Store.Download it while it is impossible.

It seems Files application is a system – Apple does not remove such programs and reinstall them.The Cupertino explicitly released in the App Store application is deliberate, the screenshots shown only white “apple” on a black background, is not an adequate description, and the only thing we have – an icon in a blue folder.

If Apple really is going to make iOS more open due to the file manager, it will be a very interesting move by the corporation.

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