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Cyber Police Stations in all Districts soon

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment December 13, 2016

Shortly, Maharashtra is likely to become the first state to have an internet police station in each of its districts. The Maharashtra home department is focusing on a proposal to turn each of the district cyber labs into police stations that can register complaints against any sort of cyber crime.

“With internet having reached every part of the state, we can’t expect cyber-related accidents to take place only in bigger cities. Consequently, the department is working on converting the present internet labs in every area into police stations”, said a senior home department officer.

On August 15, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis had simultaneously inaugurated 43 cyber labs across Maharashtra. These labs have the capacity to analyze mobile forensic and call fine detail records. The department is also focusing on acquiring more advanced software for people labs in collaboration with leading software companies on the globe.

The state also has a proposed internet project worth Rs800 crore that comprises three parts — Cyber labs, CERT and a Training Centre. Once the plan is ready, the department is designed at training at east 1,000 police staff to crack cases of cyber crime.

One of the key reasons behind trading so much in the cyber project is to increase the conviction rate in cases of cyber criminal offense. As per the data, the greatest number of internet crimes are registered in Maharashtra however the state has a shockingly dismal record of conviction. Out from the hundreds of arrests made, the state of Hawaii has managed to convict only one, according to an older Mumbai police officer. In the last four years, there has not recently been one single conviction. To make matters worse, sixteen of those arrested were acquitted.


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