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Advanced persistent threat attacks

By Devashish Soni 0 Comment February 24, 2020

What is APT An advance persistent threat attack is a stealthy computer network threat actor. Typically, a state or nation sponsored group perform this attack which gain unauthorized access to a computer network and remains undetected for a certain amount of time. The motivation of such kind of attack can be political or economic, these […]

how to secure your data

How to Secure Your Data – Online Privacy Guide

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment September 27, 2018

Online Privacy Guide – How to Secure Your data Security and privacy: what’s the difference? Information security and confidentiality are closely related with each other, but still quite different. The service can be very secure, but not confidential. What is confidentiality? The essence of confidentiality is that you or others do not have access to your […]

How to Scan a Large Network with NMAP Project

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment January 27, 2018

How to Scan a Large Network with NMAP Project – If the range of external IP addresses is about 10 thousand units or less, nmap copes well with its work in the case of all the above needs.However, in large companies that own hundreds of thousands of IP addresses, the task of determining “live” hosts […]

What is Use of robots.txt File in Website SEO?

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment October 3, 2017

WHAT IS ROBOTS.TXT ? According to Cyber Security Experts the robots exclusion standard, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or simply robots.txt, is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots. The standard specifies how to inform the web robot about which areas of the website should not […]

Cyber Crime and Political Events are the Biggest Financial Crime Risks

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment May 30, 2017

Cyber crime and political confusion are the two biggest financial crime risks facing banks over the next year, a report said. A survey of two hundred professionals across banking and asset management found 44% felt new criminal techniques, like cyber crime, presented the most significant threat to firms. However, the record by LexisNexis Risk Alternatives […]

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