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WhatsApp, Paytm hunting grounds for cyber criminals

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment February 21, 2017

The interconnectivity of social media means it is now the perfect hunting surface for cybercrime. In light of this growing pattern, the CCPS (Cyber Crime Police Station) at Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) has recently been flooded with new instances of fraud, wherein the accounts of WhatAapp users are being hacked. The conmen reach out to people […]

What is Email Harvesting and Safety Tips

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment December 7, 2016

Email harvesting is the process of obtaining a huge quantity of email addresses through various methods. The goal of harvesting email details is for use in bulk emailing or for spamming. The most common method of email collection is by using specialized harvesting software known as harvesting bots, or farmers. Spammers harvests email addresses through […]

What is Hacking and Their Types

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment December 3, 2016

What is Hacking Through the 1990s, the term “hacker” formerly denoted a skilled programmer, experienced in machine code and computer working or functioning. In particular, these individuals could always crack on an unsatisfactory system to solve problems and have interaction in a little software company watching by interpreting a competitor’s code. There are many types […]

How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Password, Pattern and PIN

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment October 15, 2016

The primary reason to set screen lock security on your mobile phone is to keep other people (or friends) from looking at out your messages or personal, family images. Beyond that, you don’t want anyone who dares to take your phone to get full access to email messages, pictures or other sensitive data. But what if […]

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