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14 cyber crime cases this year, none cracked | Cyberops

14 cyber crime cases this year, none cracked

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment December 30, 2016

Government making all efforts to popularise cashless transactions but the police here are struggling to crack the financial frauds and online scams.

The cyber crime department of the location law enforcement has registered 14 accidents this year. With the exception of two, the rest of the 12 are financial scams made by targeting naive people, who give away details of their bank or debit cards to a person on the phone call. All the 14 cases continue to be under investigation nd the authorities have not made any busts.

In a case authorized in Ambad in January this season, a person was cheated of Rs ninety two thousand by hackers breaking into his computer. An additional person in Upnagar was cheated of Rs 14,000 in November when gave his credit-based card details to a conman, who claimed to be phoning from the ‘rewards’ division of a bank.

A single man from Mumbai Naka ended up paying Rs 6.70 lakh to a fake travel company this season and another one at Adgaon lost his Rs 44,000 when he furnished information on his ATM card on obtaining a call that his card was clogged.

Inspector Anil S Pawar of the technical evaluation wing of the internet crime branch said, “People should avoid giving their card details to anyone phoning around. People get scammed only after they give away their card details, PIN number, etc to the caller. Apart from this, people should protect their computers to prevent hacking. These fraudsters have softwares to crack security passwords, ” he said.

Presently there are also some IT students, who are in the habit of cracking accounts or sending false e-mails, just for fun. However, we all need to exercise caution while making online transaction. “We have also decided to conduct internet awareness programme in colleges and colleges how your Facebook account can be hacked and necessary safety measures for online banking”, he said.

Pawar stated that the online criminals, who acquire bank details, then transfer the money in one location to another at least four to five times. The money gets deposited in a certain bank account from where it is withdrawn in a matter of one minute from ATMs.

“The criminals manage to create the account by giving false names, address, mobile quantity, etc. Thus, even if the police manage to reach the last place in which the money was redirected and withdrawn, there is no trace of the person who has opened up a bank account”, he said.

In addition to the 14 instances with the cyber criminal offense department this season, there have been many cases of cheating registered at different police stations. On Wednesday, an instance of cheating was registered with the Ambad police in which the complainant, Bhausaheb Kere of Pawan Nagar, said he got a contact his mobile phone on Weekend when the person at the other end required all the details of his credit card on the pretext of being a bank official. This individual later realised that the fraudsters had used Rs 99,965 from the card.

The Ambad law enforcement have only registered a case of cheating in case so far. The relevant sections of the IT Act have not been applied. This 12 months, there have been over 127 cases of cheating and more than 50 percent of these should be related to financial frauds. representatives said.


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