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Role of AI in Cyber Security | Cyber Attacks by Artificial Intelligence

AI in Cyber Security

Role of AI in Cyber Security

By Mohammed Tahir 0 Comment August 1, 2019

Artificial Intelligence

 The technology of computer system is able to accomplish tasks usually need of human intelligence, such as visual perception, acknowledgment, decision-making, and translation between languages or in other words artificial decision-making similar to the human for the same, based on certain unique algorithms and related mathematical calculations known as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cyber Security 

A cybersecurity approach has multiple layers of protection across the computers, networks, programs, or data that one aspires to keep safe. In an organization, the human, procedure, and technology must all complement one another to create an effective defense from cyber attacks.

As we know cyber-attack grow in volume and complexity. If you always connect to the internet from a computer, tablet or smartphone, there is a growing risk of a cyber attack. If the threat is aimed at your workplace, then the entire organization around you could be affected and the result is a major data breach.

AI in Cyber Security

AI will play a leading role at present to offload work from human cybersecurity engineers, to handle the depth and detail that humans cannot tackle fast enough or accurately enough.

Identification of Cyberattacks by AI

Cyber attacks are becoming global issues and have been recognized as one of the most strategically significant risks facing the world today.AI can easily be used to identify cyber attacks, including web platforms and high security based official websites. Hacker uses different ways to initiate cyber-attacks and demand ransom.AI could be the fastest method of identifying cyber attacks.

Within this scenario, sites in need of high security depend upon AI as the primary procedure to detect cyber attacks. Besides, it is difficult for hackers to get access to high-security websites.

Preventing Cyber Attacks by AI

One can see that only identification of cyberattacks is not sufficient, it couldn’t help to keep away from cyber attacks for any organization, they always have the need for preventing cyberattacks or vulnerabilities.

AI can be the most powerful source to prevent cyberattacks or vulnerabilities in various ways.AI can be used to think like a hacker to break the security code and by this analysis, it can generate prevention techniques for the same.

Less human involvement in cybersecurity because of AI

Cybersecurity professionals are assigned to keep an eye on the security of a particular website or connected group of website and network or other platforms such as the cloud. It’s difficult for cyber experts to work for hours without any break, here AI can deal for the same situations. whatever work of humans related to cybersecurity domain AI can take place of it. AI can find new threats as quickly as possible. It can make new techniques to prevent cyber attacks.

Is AI a threat when it falls into the wrong hands?

Yet AI can also become a real headache for cybersecurity professionals around the globe. Just as security firms can use the tech to spot attacks, so hackers can launch more advanced attack campaigns. Spear phishing is just one example out of many, as using machine learning tech can allow cybercriminals to craft more convincing messages intended to dupe the victim into giving the attacker access to sensitive information or installing malicious software.

If chosen vulnerabilities are patched, for example, the malware could then switch to brute-force attacks, keylogging, and other techniques that have proven to be successful in the past in similar target environments.

AI is capable to think, learn and decide on an attack technique, no traditional command-and-control (C2) servers would be required.

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