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Apple's iPhone Malicious Message Conduct to Hack, Who committed the Attack? | Cyberops

Apple’s iPhone Malicious Message Conduct to Hack, Who committed the Attack?

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment August 31, 2016

Apple iphone malicious message conduct to hack who committed the attack

A critical security attack on iPhone has created worry from all walks of life. With a simple malicious message, cyber criminal could saved private information on the phone, such as victim’s messages, images, emails and GPS location. And establish on the latest survey, even media picked up from the phone camera and turn on mic feature.

This is reasons why Apple all of a sudden released its latest area update, iOS 9.3.5 With all the latest upgrade, cyber criminal will be avoid from easily executing rules from their malware, thus, avoiding any further problems

You can read previous news for more information about iPhone exploits: 3 Zero-Day exploits patches by Apple after activist is hacked

Now the question arises….

which  group was behind this harmful attack?

Who orchestrated this destructive mischief to Apple users?

Inside the latest survey by Dave Lee of BBC, he mentioned the name of the group behind these attacks – “NSO GROUP”

Source : BBC

As Lee exposed, “an Israeli-based American-owned company, focuses primarily on creating what it phone call software against cyber crime. But the security experts and researchers call them something else: A cyber-arms seller.”
On last Thursday Dave Lee added, “the NSO Group was thrust into international headlines after being credited with creating harmful software have ability of ‘jailbreaking’ any Apple’s iPhone with just one tap of the screen, and then settings up vicious spyware.”

So can we expect more security from such renowned Companies or is this just the beginning….. !!!

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