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What is Tab Napping and How to Protect from it | Cyberops

What is Tab Napping and How to Protect from it

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment October 12, 2016


Tab napping is a new technique to get username and password, such as phishing technique. If we talking about normal web browsing or surfing then we are open multiple tabs, and sometimes it is more then 8 to 10. There are many ways to make you fool.

For example you are already logged in, in Facebook Account and suddenly you see a interesting post with a web link. After clicking on link a new tab is open and a pop up is generate to ask your Facebook or gmail email ID for more read/watch/access that website. Most probably people are think that they have been logged out of Facebook, and they again fill up their login details and become a victim of Facebook account hack.

The another example of Tab Napping is, if you opened already 10 tabs but you are working on only one tab, mean another 9 tabs are inactive. And auto bots are changed automatically to phishing page of your mail or social media account. For the reason of inactive user forgot about all opened tab. And then user log in that account. But actually he/she put login credentials to phishing page unknowingly and become victim of account hack.

Protect yourself from Tab Napping

  • Avoid on the tabs that are generated by browser itself
  • Do not use multiple tabs or can close inactive tabs


  • Never login into untrusted website


Check URL before login in the website and make sure that website is not fake such as is not open as


Therefore above discussion was about Tab Napping & How you can Stay Protected From this. These were the all possible ways and methods that you can follow in your regular surfing around times and therefore you can certainly protect your documents files, data from being hacked by the tab nap time method. Although these prevention can be safe to make your data safe at most but still as the technique is not checked thoroughly for its actions, consequently, there can be an added risk factor even after you are applying all the above ways.

Tab napping is one of the more effective methods of scamming users, preying after unused tabs and our habit not to check pages we’ve already used for scams. By taking care when you sign in, you can avoid tab napping and keep your information safe.

Have you been, or almost recently been, a victim to tab napping? What do you think about this highly-nefarious technique?

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