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Million of Android Users Became Victims of the Site for the Production of Cryptocurrency

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 5, 2018

Million of Android Users Became Victims of the Site for the Production of Cryptocurrency – Web service Malwarebytes described a new method of earning crypto currency using devices on Android, which affected millions of users. Attackers used malicious ads that redirected people to a specially crafted web page. After moving to the page, the device […]

New Extortion Software is Disguised as a Crypto-Currency Wallet

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment January 25, 2018

Security researchers from Fortinet reported a new fraudulent scheme in which attackers tricked users into installing extortion software under the guise of a purse for a fake SpriteCoin cryptocurrency. As the researchers found out, after installation, the extortion program encrypts files on the victim’s computer and requires a ransom of 0.3 Monero (about $ 100 […]

Bitcoin Gold will separate from Bitcoin into a separate crypto currency

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment October 25, 2017

This Wednesday, October 25, will be the division (so-called hardforks) of the virtual currency Bitcoin, resulting in the market will be another independent crypto currency – Bitcoin Gold. It was developed by volunteers led by the head of a major Hong Kong mining company, Jack Liao. Bitcoin Gold has almost completely open source code, and […]

The Central Bank began work on the creation of a national cryptocurrency

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 3, 2017

The central bank plans to create a national virtual currency in Russia. This was reported by deputy chairman Olga Skorobogatov. “Before the virtual currency, we do we reach. This is what we have already begun to work, “- said an official in during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. “In fact, all the regulators came […]

After Bitcoin, blockchain, SBI enters crypto-currencies’ field with ‘Bankchain’

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment February 21, 2017

SBI, along with IBM, Microsoft company, Skylark, KPMG and 10 commercial banks, may soon be rolling out a technology called Bankchain, to talk about information between banks which would eventually help tackle frauds and streamline the lending process. (Reuters) After RBI’s research arm Institute for Advancement and Research in Bank Technology create a newspaper last […]

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