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Discovered a new Smartphone Malware ‘HiddenMiner’

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 3, 2018

Discovered a new Smartphone Malware ‘HiddenMiner’

Researchers from the company Trend Micro found malware that could disable the smartphone due to continuous mining. This is reported in the official blog.

A virus called HiddenMiner was discovered inside applications that were distributed through third-party stores. Malicious software deceives users, forcing them to give the program access to the administrator account.

As soon as this happens, the application hides its icon in the menu and then launches the Monero miner, which constantly works in the background. In addition, the Trojan can block the device in cases where the owner of the device tries to change the permissions of the application.

Specialists noted that in the code HideMiner there are no switches, controllers or optimizers. This means that the process of mining cannot be stopped until the resources of the device are exhausted. In other words, the smartphone will get Monero to the very “death” – sooner or later the device will overheat and fail.

According to experts, the only way to destroy a virus is to reload the device in safe mode and delete the administrator account along with the infected application.

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