As per Forbes: The worldwide cyber security market is defined by market sizing estimates that range from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.

As per NASSCOM 2016 report:Cyber Crime in India has registered a Common Annual Growth Rate of 107% in the last four years.

Google and McAfee estimate there are 2,000 cyber-attacks every day around the world, costing the global economy about $ 460 billion a year.

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Cyberops is India’s leading organization in the field of Information security.

Advancement in technology and interconnected business ecosystems has combined to increase exposure to cyber attacks. We aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services. We are hovering to influence our proficiency and global footprint in the field of information security and cyber crime investigation.

We foster certified trainings on Information Security and provide penetration testing for security audits, and Cyber Crime Investigation services for various sectors to meet their specific needs.

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We aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services.we have dedicated our highly skilled and expert advisers to offer services like VAPT and cybercrime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace


Data is crucial for organizations and data loss lead to compliance, monetary and reputational loss

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Cyber crime consultancy

In this digital era major threat arise from technology, like computer and network i.e. cyber world.

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We engage our skilled specialized task force in the fields of data protection, privacy, cybercrime, intellectual property.

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Students and teachers were highly appreciating your session. The training was highly useful and we hope that you shall provided valuable time for us in future also.

Prof. Radhey Shyam M.D. University Rohtak

I am sanguine that the knowledge gained will surely help us in maintaining security of sensitive information. We are indeed grateful that you could spare time out of

Maj. Gen. Dushyant Singh (GOC) Indian Army

We are grateful for your time and effort to share your thoughts and experience with our officers. Your presentation was timely and an eye opener which helped augment

Brig. Amitabh Joshi Indian Army

We look forward to more interaction and associations with you in matters concerning Cyber Crimes, in times to come.

B.L. Soni (IPS) Commissioner of Police, Jaipur

The officers and staff of Cyber Cell who participated in the training program have benefitted through the inputs and case studies presented by you during the training.

Anil Kumar Gupta (I.P.S) I.G Cyber Cell, Bhopal

Your insightful inputs in the investigation of the cyber crime, delivered in an interactive manner have proved very effective for all the participants.

PS Phanlnikar (I.P.S.) Addl. D.G, MP police academy

I would like to place my sincere gratitude on record that your efforts made in educating the course participants on cyber crime and security in such a simple

B.S. Chouhan Director ISA, CRPF, Mount Abu

Accept my appreciation for all your efforts in assisting us in tracking and cracking our cases with all your expertise and hard work. Your assistance was timely and

Dr. Ravi (I.P.S) SP ATS, Jaipur


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Training Events

  • Handling cyber operation in the field of cyber-crime, officers of the rank are SP to DIG

    SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad26-27 Feb 2018

  • Keynote Speaker at National Research Conference 2018

    Symbiosis International, Hydrabad23-24 Feb 2018

  • Training on Cryptocurruncy theft investigation & web application defacement

    CDTI, Jaipur19 Feb 2018

  • Handling Cyber Operations in the Filed and Leveraging Social Media for MCTP Pahse V, officers of the rank Additional Director General

    SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad19 January 2018

  • Investigating Unauthorized/ Hacking cases and using OSINT during investigation

    CDTI Chandigarh20 December 2017

  • Cryptocurrency theft and Investigation with case study for the officers of the rank S.I to Add. S.P

  • Training on Information Technology & Operations in a course conducted by Charles Sturt University, Australia for IPS Officers across country

    SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad10 November 2017

  • Lecture on Cyber Security & Cyber Crime

    MD University, Rohtak9 November 2017

  • Our CEO will be discussion in a panel discussion on “(Re)defining Right to Freedom of speech and Expression in an evolving cyberspace as a panelist

    St.Stephen's College, Delhi25 October 2017

  • Panel Discussion on ‘Cyber Security: Securing the Connected Workplace’, to be aired on Economic Times TV News Channel

    SP Jain School of Global Management Campus, Mumbai9 October 2017

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