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Security Services can now Crack any iPhone : Forbes | Crack iPhone

Security Services can now Crack any iPhone : Forbes

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 5, 2018

The Israeli company Cellebrite, which helped the FBI break the iPhone of a terrorist, claims to have found a way to unlock any smartphone running iOS 11. The company has not yet made a public statement, but, according to Forbes anonymous sources, over the past few months, it has been working on unnamed technologies for hacking a mobile operating room system and advertised them to law enforcement agencies, as well as private forensic experts around the world.

The Cellebrite documentation on advanced unlock and data retrieval services states that the company is able to bypass the protection of “Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch, running on versions 5-11 of iOS.” A separate source from the field of forensic forensics said that the firm can hack the iPhone 8. He is sure that this applies to the iPhone X, because the security system of both devices is arranged approximately equally.

To use the services of Cellebrite, which is able to “determine and disable the PIN, pattern or password on the lock screen of a new device running iOS or Android”, the special services must first send the company’s smartphone. The latter in its laboratories uses only known vulnerabilities in the mobile device to hack it and either transfer it to the customer, or independently extract the data. All this can be relatively inexpensive – only $ 1,500 for one unlock.

According to a registered in the state of Michigan warrant , the US federal services have already tested the new Cellebrite technology on the iPhone X. The document talks about the suspected of the arms trade Abdulmajid Saidi (Abdulmajid Saidi). The data was extracted from his smartphone on December 5, and the trial is scheduled for July 31.

Cyber security expert of Cyberops says that how exactly the phone was hacked and what data was extracted from it, the order does not say. When the launch of the iPhone X, many suggested that the special services will be enough to bring a phone equipped with the system Face ID, to the face of the suspect. In addition, earlier researchers have found a way to bypass the protection system with a mask.

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