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Protect Your Google Chrome Browser With Password

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment October 28, 2016


The technique is very simple and easy as functions with a simple Google chrome extension with their security and through this, everyone can make their browser with the security password, with any of password you want to set. By this, you can promise your personal privacy and share your computer with anyone else too. Since you will have some sight of relief as your browser has already been guarded and no-one except you will be able to access it.

Steps to protect your Google chrome browser with the password:

Step 1: Initially, download and install higher version of Google Chrome web browser on your computer. Right now in Google Chrome web browser open this link.

Stage 2: Now there you will find the extension named Set password for your browser, click on chrome button and at that time on add. Now it is going to check for the Google Chrome’s version and will be prepared to install in your Chrome web browser.


Stage 3: The extension will start installing into your browser and after it is going to get added, it will ask you a security password to create. Enter any of the passwords you want to set on your browser and click on save button.


That’s it! you finish, now whenever you start your web browser, it will ask you a password to search the internet on it as shown in the below image. If you entered the wrong security password then  Chrome web browser will be automatically close.

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