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How to install Windows Operating System in VirualBox [Windows] | Cyberops

How to install Windows Operating System in VirualBox [Windows]

By Shaurya Sharma 1 Comment August 27, 2016

In previous post you read about How to install VirtualBox on Windows Operating System. Now I am going to share, how to install windows operating system in virtual box in Windows.

Step 1: Start VirtualBox and go to new

install windows 1

Step 2: Write down your operating system name, Type should be Microsoft windows if you are install windows operating system. Then select Windows Version according to your requirement (32 bit/64bit).

install windows 2

Step 3: Select Memory(RAM) Size.

install windows 3

Step 4: Now select virtual hard disk, so select Create a virtual hard disk now and then Create.

install windows 4

Step 5:Choose the type of file type, Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click on Next.

install windows 5

Step 6: Select storage on physical hard disk, which may be dynamically or fixed size, So select according to your requirement, in this tutorial I am select Dynamically.

install windows 6

Step 7: Select File location and size and click on Create.

install windows 7

Step 8: You are successfully added windows 7 plateform, now time to install windows 7.

Note: You must be have windows 7 Iso (image) file.

install windows 8

Step 9: Click on Start button and go to Devices menu >> Optical Drives >> Choose disk image…
And go to locate folder where your windows iso file.

install windows 10

Step 10:Then its automatically start installation of windows 7.

install windows 11

Step 11: Select language, time format and keyboard and click on next tab.

install windows 12

Step 12:Click on Install now 

install windows 13

Step 13: Select operating system (32bit/64bit).

install windows 14

Step 14: Go to Custom (advanced)

install windows 15Step 15: Select unallocated space and go to next tab, its take some time so have patience to install windows operating system.

install windows 16

Step 16: Type a username and go to next & Select your time zone.

install windows 17

Step 17: And finally you are successfully install windows 7.

install windows 19

Video Tutorial :

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