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What is Windows Operating System

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 28, 2017

Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems and operating environments, developed by Microsoft. The very first version of the Windows operating systems – MS-DOS, was introduced in 1985, it had a graphical user interface.It has secured the support of several documents, support for a computer mouse, a drop-down menu, and all that was possible […]

Microsoft began to block older versions of Windows upgrade to new processors

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 17, 2017

Last January, in his blog, Microsoft said that no longer support the latest generation of processors on older versions of operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Then, the list includes Intel Skylake processors, support for which was to be discontinued July 17, 2017. Naturally, the Microsoft received not the most pleasant for ourselves […]

Microsoft Declare to Stop Selling Windows 7, 8

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment November 5, 2016

US tech giant Microsoft company has ended sale for both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS (Operating systems) and these are not available to buy a new PC. “End of sales refers to the date when a particular version of windows 7 and 8 is no longer delivered to retailers or Manufacturers (OEMs), ” […]

How to install Windows Operating System in VirualBox [Windows]

By Prempal Singh 1 Comment August 27, 2016

In previous post you read about How to install VirtualBox on Windows Operating System. Now I am going to share, how to install windows operating system in virtual box in Windows. Step 1: Start VirtualBox and go to new Step 2: Write down your operating system name, Type should be Microsoft windows if you are install […]

How to make bootable Pen Drive

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment July 22, 2016

How to make Bootable Storage/Pen Drive on Windows System First, you have to make sure that what type of bootable device you wanted yourself either it is bootable USB pen drives or bootable compact cd or DVD Now, here we talk about how to make a bootable pen drive on windows system Before started, Things […]

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