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British Police has Learned to Instantly Crack Smartphones | Cyberops

British Police has Learned to Instantly Crack Smartphones

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 3, 2018

Law enforcement officers of Great Britain received hacking tools for hacking mobile phones and capturing all the information stored on them. This is reported in the report of public organization Privacy International.

Not only the suspects but even the victims of crimes and their alleged witnesses can become objects of unilateral surveillance. Law enforcement officials were given the right at any time to download data about calls and messages, as well as the content of correspondence and all information about the Internet activity of users. The content of the gadget also falls under the control: contacts, photos, geolocation data.

According to Privacy International, more than half of the police departments (about 55 percent) confirmed the use of technology for hacking mobile users. The receipt of such technology in the working arsenal of police citizens was not informed. Compilers of the document note that such issues require public discussion.

Experts of the public organization are afraid of abuse of authority and call for the regulation and control of the use of hacking tools in police work. They also require information about the surveillance of their rights. Law enforcement officials do not comment on these speeches.

Earlier it became known that equipment for hacking gadgets was purchased by the regional directorates of the FSB, the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The developers reported that with his help you can get any information from your smartphone.


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