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Why company can’t hire a cyber security professional?

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 8, 2017

The shortage of skilled cyber security professionals is merely growing more serious, with the projected expertise gap reaching 1.8 million jobs by 2022.

“It’s definitely a seller’s market, ” said Forester analyst Jeff Pollard. “If you have security skills, there are plenty of opportunities available for you. In case you have an interest in security and maybe have a nontraditional background but are willing to learn, opportunities are certainly open from that perspective as well. ”

Here are five common reasons companies have difficulty to find cyber security experts and strategies to help you better recruit and maintain them.

1. Demanding too many skills:

It’s obvious that the US suffers from a shortage of folks trained in cyber security.
“It can be difficult to get employees who own have all the skills, experience, and indefinable the job requires, inch said Keri Christman, supervisor of talent and culture for steal Security. “This skills gap is calculated and combined with the fact that the industry and danger landscape change and develop so quickly that it can be difficult even for talented professionals to keep pace with new skills and demands. Is actually without question a career seeker’s market, but it remains competitive because certain requirements for the job are constantly increasing. ”

2. Poor compensation:

Cyber security specialists generally make more money than others working in IT. However, for standard security specialist, pay has remained stagnant, Pollard said. “Whenever I talk to a company that says ‘We’re hopeless for security skill, ‘ I tell them to add an ellipsis to that sentence, and add ‘… at the rates I’m willing to pay for that skill, ‘he said.

“There are several openings in the security profession, but the dream set of requirements they want is either not realistic, or definitely not realistic for the pay grade, ” Pollard said.

3. Overlooking talent:

Current employees, recent graduates, veterans, and females are all new cyber security resources, Pollard said. Companies hopeless for cyber employees should consider cross-training current staff users, particularly those already in IT, he added. For example, your web software developer could get a web security assessment resource. Task rotation programs, through which people try out security functions for a set period of time, can help identify skill, Pollard said.

4. Poor work/life balance:

Achieving a genuine work/life balance in cybersecurity is difficult for two reasons, experts said. For one, for many in the industry, security is not only their job but their passion and hobby as well. “Because of that, work/life balance is much less important, Pollard said. However, as people from more diverse, non-tech backgrounds your field, companies must consider work/life balance policies, as well as the age of the workforce and their values, he added.

This kind of makes the term “work/life integration” more accurate for folks in cyber security, Clyde said. “It’s definitely a field you go into because you love it, inch he said. “If most likely one of those individuals that want a 9-5 job and never be bothered after those several hours, this is probably not for you, ” Clyde said. “If you are buying a job with a lot of overall flexibility and remote work, you could really enjoy it the inch.

5. Inefficient recruiting processes:

“Recruiting is continuous, ” Christman said. “Organizations should be present in the community creating a strong reputation for being an enjoyable destination to work. Well all need to be at conferences, events, hosting lunch break and learns–making sure that folks know who we are, our task, our vision, and how they can increase with us inch.

“If you’re looking for the high-demand people, you have to strike while the iron is hot, inch Cuello said. “If you find somebody you want, put together a good deal for them. Get to the bottom of what they’re looking for–compensation or telework or whatever it is you have to offer them to get them to come on the plank”.


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