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For Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel Upgrade Available that do not Require a Reboot

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment June 7, 2017

The company Canonical has announced the expansion of service Live patch, providing updates from the elimination of dangerous vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel, which are applied to the running system on the fly, without requiring a reboot and avoiding downtime. In addition to the previously supported assemblies, Ubuntu 16.04 live-patches are now available for Ubuntu 14.04.

Live-patches cover only fixes for vulnerabilities that have been assigned a high or critical severity rating. For patching the kernel without rebooting and without stopping the work involved live patch technology that provides similar capabilities as the patch from Red Hat company and from the company kGraft SUSE. In live patch also used the method of replacing the functions in the nucleus and redirect to a new function with the standard subsystem face. The patch is made in the form of a kernel module, carrying out the necessary substitution code functions.

Each user can use the service free for three systems (patches are delivered on an individual token tied to registered users). For a larger number of systems require a paid subscription ($ 12 per month). To activate Live service is required to install the snap-pack canonical-live patch, get a token at the website and activate his team «sudo canonical-live patch enable token.” Status of application of live-patches can be assessed team «canonical-live patch status». Source code modules for use live-patches available without restriction and can be used for self-assembly of live-patches, not attached to paid repositories Canonical.

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