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OWASP - Cyberops

What is OWASP? Top 10 Vulnerabilities?

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment June 11, 2019

The modern world carries thousands of threats and potential dangers at every step and every moment of time. The global network, which has become an integral part of our life, is no exception. Cyber crime is now more developed than ever – after all, almost every company has its own website on the Internet, and […]

Application of OWASP Mobile TOP 10 Methodology for Testing Android Applications

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment August 17, 2018

According to survey about OWASP Mobile TOP 10 Vulnerabilities, of the top 30 applications with more than 500,000 installations, 94% contain at least three medium-risk vulnerabilities, and 77% contain at least two high-risk vulnerabilities. Out of 30 applications, 17% were vulnerable to MITM (Men-In-The-Middle) attacks, exposing all data to interception by intruders. In addition, 44% of […]

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