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Clipsa Malware

What is Clipsa Malware | How Clipsa Steals Cryptocurrency and Credentials of WordPress

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment August 8, 2019

Clipsa is a malicious program that is categorized as a password stealer. Cybercriminals use it to steal credentials of poorly secured WordPress websites, cryptocurrencies and replace cryptocurrency addresses. XMRig cryptocurrency miners are designed to install in a few versions of Clipsa. Programs of this type use system resources to mine cryptocurrency. Over 43,000 attacks of […]

Bitcoin Gold will separate from Bitcoin into a separate crypto currency

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment October 25, 2017

This Wednesday, October 25, will be the division (so-called hardforks) of the virtual currency Bitcoin, resulting in the market will be another independent crypto currency – Bitcoin Gold. It was developed by volunteers led by the head of a major Hong Kong mining company, Jack Liao. Bitcoin Gold has almost completely open source code, and […]

The Central Bank began work on the creation of a national cryptocurrency

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment June 3, 2017

The central bank plans to create a national virtual currency in Russia. This was reported by deputy chairman Olga Skorobogatov. “Before the virtual currency, we do we reach. This is what we have already begun to work, “- said an official in during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. “In fact, all the regulators came […]

Bitcoin jumps above $1,000 for first time in three years

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment January 4, 2017

Digital currency bitcoin kicked from the new year by getting above $1,000 for the first time in three years late on Sunday, having outperformed all central-bank-issued currencies with a 125 percent climb in 2016.Bitcoin – a web-based “cryptocurrency” that has no central authority, depending instead on thousands of computers across the world that validate transactions […]

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