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What is IMSI-Catcher ?

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment May 10, 2021

An IMSI catcher is a cell phone surveillance device that acts as an improvised fake base station. With an IMSI catcher, law enforcement can impersonate a telecommunications company in order to track the location of a target mobile phone, monitor its calls and text messages, and intercept data traffic to gather information about the individual […]

What is Kubernetes ?

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment May 5, 2021

Talking about the Kubernetes then, it’s the best application for containers. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source application that’s been built by Google for the Spinnaker continuous delivery platform. It’s a container deployment system which enables easy management, scaling, and more for containerized applications across clusters of hosts. It’s a tool that makes your […]

cloud pentesting

Cloud Penetration Testing

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment April 27, 2021

What is Cloud Penetration Testing? Cloud Penetration Testing is an authorized simulated cyber-attack against a system that’s hosted on a Cloud platform, e.g. Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. The primary goal of a cloud penetration take a look at is to search out the weaknesses and strengths of a system, so its security posture are […]

What is SOC?

What is Security Operations Center (SOC)?

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 19, 2021

Security Operations Center (SOC) includes an information security team that monitors and examines an organization’s security status around the clock. The objective of setting up SOC is to identify, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats using the best suitable technological solutions in order to avoid a data breach. The team is responsible for safeguarding the […]

The three definitive tips for good online security

By Nitisha Chhatwani 0 Comment February 14, 2021

The three biggest cyber-risks we have to face this year 2021 are as follows, and that’s why we need to take a number of steps to be prepared Combating automated spear phishing attacks One of the main security threats that everyone should consider is spear phishing. These attacks consist of highly targeted and compelling emails with concrete and […]

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