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Firefox Nightly lets you take and share screenshots | Cyberops

Firefox Nightly lets you take and share screenshots

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment May 31, 2017

In the assembly browser, Firefox Nightly recently became possible to take screenshots.Members of the assembly have a new icon in the toolbar next to the Home button and download.

You can do in Firefox are two types of screenshots of the entire screen and selectively. The first option is clear, the picture is taken from the open page, and the second allows you to set up an area, the picture that needs to be done.After that, the image can be saved locally or to put at

With the help of backup screenshots on the Internet, which is available for selection, you can create an image gallery, then to share them all at once, or view the most. However, screenshots published on the publicly accessible addresses and can see everyone if will go to the right address.

Also, it is working on an extension for the Chrome browser. Mozilla has moved to Web Extensions, which means simplifying the creation of extensions for Google’s browser. Mozilla will publish the name of the Firefox browser in its main competitor and try to entice users to himself.

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