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"Deadly Groups" Why do Teenagers get involved in dangerous Games? | Deadly Game

“Deadly Groups” Why do Teenagers get involved in dangerous Games?

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment August 29, 2018

Some details of the death of a teenager who jumped from the 7th floor indicate that he was involved in a “Deadly Game“.

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What is Deadly Game –

Recently, a teenager was killed, having thrown himself out of the window of the 7th floor. Clear reasons for suicide the guy was not – no acute conflicts in the family or among peers, nor serious problems with studies. However, there was evidence that the boy could be in the so-called “death groups”, where adolescents are taken to suicide by steps. The Investigative Committee is still verifying this information.

Every month in the media there are reports of suicide of a teenager or his attempt.

On November 16, a 15-year-old boy lay down under a passing railway station and thus ended his life. A criminal case was initiated under Art. “Bringing to suicide.” Investigators find out who could influence the adolescent.

On December 20, in the general dormitory of the hostel, a body of a teenager with signs of suicide was discovered . It is known that the young man was very worried because of parting with the girl. Before his death, he sent his fond farewell sms. 

On February 7, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, tried to commit suicide.After a quarrel with her mother, the girl swallowed the tablets . But when I felt ill, I called an ambulance. Doctors managed to save the teenager. At first glance, the child did not have any serious conflicts at school and in the family.

Law enforcers estimated that in 2016 in the, 18 teenagers committed suicide. Most often, such a desperate step is taken by children aged 11 to 16 years. It is at this time that they enter the puberty period. In addition, more than 200 suicidal attempts were made. This is an average all-Russian indicator.While the investigators did not find a connection between the communication of adolescents in social networks and suicide. However, when investigating the death of one of the girls from the Sverdlovsk region of Krasnoyarsk, the investigators found an important detail. Recently, she got carried away by comic books “mango” and anime and began to love loneliness.According to experts, this could be the reason for voluntary withdrawal from life.

Psychologists say that in 90% of cases, children try to simply scare their parents or to tell the world about their problem in such a terrible way.

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“The fact that a massive subculture of suicidal shkolota arose around my children, and I did not notice it, I was horrified,” says  Alexei Mashchev , the father of three children. – And this is not only a fear for the child and an affronted fatherly vanity. I considered myself an attentive and modern parent, sensitive to the trends that could affect my children. I overestimated myself. This whole story is not about marginal emo, ready and black metal fans. The most usual guys were in “death groups” and played “self-drinking”. I exaggerate, but earlier to reveal the threat was simple: the child began to wear black and make up, like Dracula, – anxiety! Now everything is more complicated. The usual indicators do not work. This means that you need to be 100 times more attentive to your children. To what they live. And to that, from what can die.

Adults need to remember that teenagers are psychologically vulnerable. At this age, the formation of personality takes place, and evaluation by the social environment is extremely important. To ensure that the child does not fall under the bad influence – the task of parents, teachers. About alcohol and drugs already know everything, but now there is a new danger, threatening from social networks.

On February 2 in Krasnoyarsk, in front of eyewitnesses, a 14-year-old boy jumped out of the window of a house on the 7th floor. With severe injuries the schoolboy was taken to the hospital, where he died the next day . The investigation finds out that it was an accident, suicide? Interview parents, teachers and friends of the deceased. The family where the misfortune occurred is characterized as prosperous.

Meanwhile, the public found on the boy’s page in the social network evidence that the teenager was in “death groups”, where suicide is promoted, and took part in the so-called “game.” The deadly game consists in the fact that the group leader gives the teenagers tasks that move them in steps to commit suicide in the finals.According to the family friend, 4:20 figures were written on the boy’s wall in his room – it was at this time that the “players” had to go out and get jobs.

Note that information about the “death groups” appeared in the federal media last year and sparked a heated public debate. The investigation was conducted by journalists together with the parents of the deceased teenagers. Children for 50 days performed tasks – watched videos about suicide, cut their own hands, wrote essays about the departure from life. Administrators of the groups threatened teenagers, whom they managed to tighten there, by killing their relatives, if they do not dare to take the last step. As a result, the materials were taken up by law enforcement agencies, eight communities were found with the propaganda of suicides among adolescents, one of the organizers of the groups was arrested. At the moment there is no information on how the investigation of the criminal case is proceeding.

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Adolescents are one of the risk groups for suicide, this is the specificity of age. Parents need to worry about this a little earlier, from 7-8 years: to provide the child with a healthy social environment – to write in circles, sections. When a teenager is 13-15 years old, parents lose their authority.This is one of the important factors of his growing up, leaving his parents’ family. There must be some competent adult – the coach, the head of the circle, the teacher – a person not of the family circle, who will support him as a conductor from the transitional age, will help strengthen self-esteem. It is necessary to understand: the word, usual for an adult, for a teenager can be so critical to step out of the balcony.

If the parents missed the moment and there is no contact with the teenager, it is almost impossible to restore it at this age. Then you need to monitor the activity in social networks. To prevent a threat to life, even tough interference is permissible.

It is necessary to talk with the child in advance about such “death groups”. It is not necessary to keep silence, the significance of hidden information increases dramatically, it’s like a forbidden fruit. It is better if not only parents are told, but also in a social environment, for example, a teacher at school. Teenagers need to explain what is happening to them, what risks there are. We say: here is the car, you can be shot down, look to the left, look to the right. A social network can be dangerous – pay attention to these things. Dangers should be indicated directly, honestly and openly.

It’s normal for a teenager to think about life and death. Many of them think about suicide.If the thoughts remain in your head, it increases the internal tension. When you say things that bother the state, it’s easier.


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