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Category: Network & Security

What is Hacking and Their Types

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment December 3, 2016

What is Hacking Through the 1990s, the term “hacker” formerly denoted a skilled programmer, experienced in machine code and computer working or functioning. In particular, these individuals could always crack on an unsatisfactory system to solve problems and have interaction in a little software company watching by interpreting a competitor’s code. There are many types […]

What is Computer Network: Terminology, Ports, Protocols

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment October 7, 2016

What is computer A computer is an electronic device which receiving information and then perform a sequence of operations according to user input. Or we can say that it’s an electronic machine which makes calculations. Basically if we talking about current timing computer make with two parts. The actual machine with wire, circuits and transistor […]

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

By Shaurya Sharma 2 Comments August 6, 2016

What is VPN A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technique used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are generally employed by corporations to protect sensitive data. However, by using a personal VPN is more and more becoming very popular as more interactions […]

[Tutorial]: Network Attacks Using Zarp

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment August 5, 2016

Hey guys..!!! Network Security is a field where penetration testers are paid to test organization’s  Network Infrastructure’s security against different type of Cyber attacks. Having options of penetration testing tools is always a good thing. We can test any network’s security using different-different tools. From that list of penetration testing tools, we are going to introduce […]

How to make secure Website to being Hacked(Blocked Scanner)

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment July 24, 2016

As you may all know there are many Web Vulnerability Scanning devices and software available on internet which can scan any website for vulnerabilities? It is just a fashion nowadays to scan an internet site from a Web Susceptibility Scanner and if received or acquired any vulnerability then record or survey vulnerabilities to the manager, […]

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