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Be Aware !!!! Locky Ransomware is on Facebook | Cyberops

Be Aware !!!! Locky Ransomware is on Facebook

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 23, 2016


Nowadays we know very well, the power of social media and hackers using Facebook’s instant messaging (IM) feature to spread malicious malware. Therefore, Don’t click any .svg (Scalable Vector Graphics) image file delivered to your Facebook messenger because it might lock your complete system completely.

Cyber-Criminals have targeted Facebook messenger to spread Locky Ransomware. Locky has now one of the favorite ransomware tools for spam mails and it normally propagates via Spam emails with a hidden downloader.

Malicious malware researcher, Bart Blaze was your first one to spot the attack. The malware even has got the potential to bypass Facebook’s data file extension filter. Hackers are utilizing .SVG image extension to spread a malware hunter called Nemucod. Therefore, if you have received anything at all similar then don’t click it.

You now might be thinking why hackers considered .SVG file for spreading the ransomware. Well, Javascript can be embedded in SVG extension so that it can open in a web browser. Hackers have embedded the Javascript code inside the which was actually a link to an external file.

If anyone clicks the file then it will redirect you to a site such as YouTube, but with the completely different website. Then you will be asked to install a Chrome extension to view the video.

If you install the extension, Hackers can alter your data regarding websites and get full access to your Facebook account and then go to securely deliver the SVG image file to all your friends.

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So be aware of that, and post your comment if any queries.

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