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5 Tips To Avoid Being Hit With ransomware: | Cyberops

5 Tips To Avoid Being Hit With ransomware:

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment March 18, 2017

Health centers, Educational Departments, state governments, law authorization organizations, small organizations, MNC’s—these are only a fraction of the entities affected as of late by ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts, or locks, valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them.

Thus it can be stated that Ransomware is a kind of intelligent malware, but unlike other malware that merely corrupts, deletes files or does some other suspicious behavior, this malware locks your system, files, and apps, and demands money from you, if you want to get them back.

 1.  Only Open Attachments That You Are Expecting:

Only open that files which you are expecting. Where some malicious emails are easy to spot because the attacker is getting more intelligent. Here is an example, some emails may look like a harmless request from a business partner or your bank, but do your best to confirm that the email is valid and safe opening before any kind of attachment.

2. Use Effective Antivirus Software:

We recommend you to use wisely for all features of Antivirus, from target threat protection.

3. Train Your Employees On Computer Use:

Your employees have the possibility to be your weakest link. Education is powerful which is helpful to protect your network. Do you have a computer use manual? When was the last time you had training on email and computer safety?

4. Back Up Your Files:

Be sure to back up your files regularly. This will help you to protect your data if these steps ever fail: creating backups of computers and server is an absolute must.

5. Update Your Antivirus:

Make sure everything is up-to-date. Many clients have not updated their antivirus and are open to all kinds of attacks.

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