Horror Stories in Social Networks: What is MOMO?

Aug 24, 2018 | 1:30 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


You correspond with friends in WhatsApp, you do not touch anyone, but here you write This. It tells about his death and sends terrible pictures. Why, why, who is this, after all?

MOMO Image by Cyberops Infosec
For a couple of weeks, a terrible account frightens users in Whatsapp. An unknown number called “Momo” appears in the contact lists and sends scary text and voice messages. Cherry on the cake – profile image: frightening, distorted face of a woman.
Momo says that she recently died and sends terrible pictures. Especially active is the evil spirits in Spain. There, the police even posted a warning on Twitter. Cops ask not to add this contact.

MOMO Image by Cyberops Infosec

In fact, the “Momo” itself is an exhibit in the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. This is the image of the mythical creature youkai. Momo in the gallery is a ubume. This spirit appears in the form of an adult pregnant woman, bare-chested, who asks to hold the child and then disappears. Another ubume can be an evil bird that kidnaps children at night. So the sculpture of Momo is a combination of two images.

Similar images are found not only in Japanese mythology. In a series of etchings by Francisco Goya, a Spanish artist and engraver, there are very similar creatures to Momo.

MOMO Image by Cyberops Infosec


MOMO Image by Cyberops Infosec
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