Web Application VAPT | Web Application Penetration Testing

In most of the commercial premises, wireless networks are operational offering immense convenience to the workforce. This ubiquitous network application can be found in and around the premises where the setup is installed. The devices using wireless communication are connected via a local area network to access the internet and share information with each other. Every modern organization utilizes Wi-Fi networking to enjoy more flexibility and convenience.

Warding off freeloaders and cybercriminals is a must approach that is included in the security management of this communication setup. Segmenting network, SSID controls, and VLAN routing should be perfectly clarified and set so that the users can safely connect to the network and access files they are authorized too. Regardless of all the security measures adopted by the IT department, the cyber attackers find a way to leak data or misuse sensitive information. This is where a penetration testing of wireless communication becomes mandatory.

This is a technical service offered by a certified company to check the vulnerable points in a wireless communication set up in a commercial premise. Wireless Penetration Testing involves a lot of approaches that examine the network using proven methodologies. These methods are almost similar to that of the tests done in a wired network.

In this case, the gateways are exploited to detect vulnerable points. Only a certified wireless penetration testing service should be hired to ensure absolute detection and proper solutions.

The experienced and certified Wireless Penetration Testing Companies follow a standard protocol to find out the flaws in the network system. The tests usually begin with information collecting exercise. A heat map is created in order to track the size of wireless signals in the specific areas covered by the network system. The gathered information regarding the footprint of the broadcast will lead to the formation of personalized approaches undertaken by the service providing agency.

Another way to approach wireless pen-testing is to gather vivid information regarding installed hardware, SSIDs, and the configuration of a network system. Every entity will be documented so that a site map can be easily created to design the next step.

The second step involves gauging the possible threats a company can face to identify the vulnerable points of the system. In this case, the range of the Wi-Fi system is also considered to analyze the cons. The step also involves scrutinizing the visibility of equipment using this particular network. If any equipment remains detectable, the system will become vulnerable to external threats. The tests are comprehensively performed using recommended tools by the pen-testing team.

The next step involves ethical hacking measures to locate the weak user permissions, as well as, the insecure accounts. A vivid report will be fabricated including the weak points and a perfect solution for every underlying problem to the building authority or client. The detailed report will provide insights about every step taken to conduct the tests and possible solutions. The IT department will ponder upon the solutions and oversee the concerned areas.

Benefits of wireless penetration testing

On seeking services regarding Wireless Penetration Testing in India, a company will be able to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Making wireless security stronger

    As mentioned earlier, wireless penetration testing is done to find out the vulnerable points in the network system used by an organization. The flaws in the system will be recognized and cited by the service provider to the IT department. On fixing the particular issues, the network system will become stronger and resistive towards illicit activities. In this way, a company can easily avoid the shortcomings of vulnerable Wi-Fi security.

  • Easy to take a decision

    Finding a needle in a haystack will need experience and precision. If the IT department is not aware of the specific problems, there is no use of reinstalling a network again and spend a lot of resources. The pen-testing service will locate the faults in the system so that the IT department can modify the network using proven approaches cited by the pentester. It means that a company will find it easier to take a solid decision and will be able to solve the issues in no time. The informative report submitted by the experienced testing team will help the client to reconfigure wireless strategies for a safe future.

  • Saving time and money

    The prime reason for seeking penetration testing services from a reputed agency is to save time and resources. Spending hours to find the faults will not be a healthy decision for the reputation of a company. In this case, hiring Wireless Penetration Testing Companies in India will solve the purpose. The company will not have to suffer downtime in the network system or spend unnecessary resources to fix it.

  • Upgrades and remodeling

    If a company has decided to upgrade its wireless networking system, it will need the assistance of a penetration testing agency. The new system will be thoroughly checked by the team of pen-testers to find loopholes and flaws. When you consider the future outcomes, this investment will be turn out to be very beneficial. A new or upgraded wireless infrastructure will need a test run from these agencies to fortify its security.

  • A different opinion

    An in-house IT team might be restricted to their boundaries regarding knowledge and applications. Hiring a penetration testing service team will deliver more insights into this process. Identifying the variables and attack vectors will also aid the client to reconsider its wireless security strategies. On using the latest testing tools, the team will find out the weak points and type of cyber attacks. Considering the genre of business, a personalized approach will lead to an exceptional result.


The Wireless Penetration Testing Companies in India will shed light on the possible threats a client’s wireless network might suffer from. The challenging situations can be avoided intelligently when you have the best resources at your disposal. Hire a certified wireless penetration testing agency and secure your wireless network from external threats.