Secure Your Customer Data And Manage Your Internal Regulations With SOC2 Compliance Audit

Compliance with SOC 2 is the least and most basic need when choosing a SaaS provider, particularly for security-conscious companies. Our SOC 2 Audit makes sure your service providers securely control your data while safeguarding the clients' privacy and business interests.

Cyberops will guide you from audit readiness to the final report, ensuring that you receive the assurance you deserve.

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Soc Compliance Audit

A SOC 2 audit outlines information security procedures for a service business. These controls are specified in five Trust Services Categories: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. A SOC 2 Compliance report is an excellent technique to verify that your firm has an effective information security policy so that your clients can trust you with the keeping and handling of their private customers and financial information.

Information security is a concern for all organizations, even those that outsource core commercial enterprise operations to third-party providers (e.g., SaaS, cloud-computing providers). Poor data handling can leave companies open to attacks like data rip-offs, extortion, and malware infections. By completing a SOC 2 audit, your organization differentiates itself from competitors by proving that it has a sophisticated and functional control environment.

Make A Difference With A Thorough Report

Cyberops specializes in generating two types of SOC 2 compliance reports.

The first, Type I, is a report that analyzes how properly management has defined the system used by the service firm and how well the controls' design complies with the relevant trust service categories as of a given date.

The second option, the Type II report, highlights the information found in Type 1 but with a heavy focus on the operating effectiveness of the divisions in fulfilling the relevant trust services standards over the specified period.

The benefits of Taking Our SOC 2 Compliance Audit:

Achieves a competitive edge by confirming your company has a solid and effective compliance program.

Attain the trust and confidence of your customers and/or stakeholders with our in-depth report that shows your due diligence and due care in regard to information security.

Meet All The Trust Standards With A Holistic SOC 2 Compliance Certification

Cyberops is one of the best external auditors to help with the SOC 2 certification process. Based exclusively on the structures and procedures in place, we will evaluate how well a supplier conforms with one or more of the five trust standards. Our service ensures-

Reasonable Pricing

SOC 2 audit costs are set by scoping criteria such as business applications, software packages, specific locations, third-party partners, audit intervals, and the Trust Services Criteria to be reviewed.

Price will also differ depending on the report type you select, whether a GAPP analysis is included, or whether additional remediation time is included.

Early Wrap Up

Our expert auditor will confirm the scope, carry out testing procedures, and document findings in order to meet AICPA standards for an audit.

These steps take time, depending on your level of preparation and the staff's availability for interviews and control demonstrations. Cyberops always try to compact or extend the procedure to fit your deadline demands.

Proper Report Structure

Once the SOC 2 audit is done, our experts will prepare holistic SOC 2 Audit reports according to the AICPA guidelines.

Our SOC 2 reports give clients of a service organization paperwork that defines their system and controls, shows how client information is maintained securely and helps clients measure the control effectiveness, and sets an administration rule.

Expert Auditors

For a proper SOC 2 assessment, our AICPA-compliant Auditor will start communication with the organization's management, governance, and executive team members, ranging from human resources to development to compliance officers.

We will carry out a proper interview with all firm members with specific work responsibilities and who have knowledge of the matters needed in the audit.

A Complete Peace of Mind

By the end of the procedure, you will be proud of the job we have completed and feel confident that it will help you gain new clients, stay compliant, and secure your business.

Our expertly crafted report will provide you with useful information that is simple to grasp and shows your clients how successful you are.

Get A SOC 2 Compliance Audit Without Any Hassle

As security specialists, we have been in your shoes and understand how stressful audits can be. From audit readiness until the final report, our dedicated audit consultant will walk you through the whole process.

Our professionals will get you ready and provide you with the resources you need to successfully start and finish your audit, regardless of how many audits you have done before or have never had.

What Do We Deliver?

Cyberops is a Licensed Cyber Security Company and solutions provider in Information Security. Our services feature VAPT, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, etc. We are proud to work for Government Organizations, Fortune One Thousand Companies, and multiple start-up enterprises. We also provide the top web application security testing tools and are certified re-sellers and value-added partners.

Proactive Remediation

Our Proactive Remediation gives your business visibility into real-world threats. Our routine security check includes penetration tests to find the security holes before a hacker does and provide remediation solutions.

Our experts will create an itemized security evaluation report to improve your security act.

Vulnerability Data

Vulnerability Information is constantly updated to keep up with the evolving threat scenario.

Get an overview and trend statistics for all current security issues in your firm. All are accessible through a digital report.

Skilled Consultants

We also gave you the assurance that trained professionals are carrying out your assessments.

Our team of security experts boasts a variety of professional qualifications, including CHECK Team Member and Team Leader, CEH, ECSA, OSCP, CISA, CISSP, and many more.

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