Most often, Desktop Application security is neglected by organizations and individuals. But, for ensuring complete protection of the company’s information assets, it is inevitable to secure your desktop apps any mobile application, web application, or network. With the auto-updates’ activation in operating systems, desktop apps have been continuously targeted by malicious attacks for gaining authorized access. To avoid any such situation in your organization, Desktop Application VAPT is essential for ensuring absolute information security. Its importance is just like that of other applications’ penetration testing.

Why Desktop Application VAPT?

Desktop Application Security Audit helps in recognizing threats to a company by proprietary applications or those delivered by the vendors with a bit or absolutely no customization. With its help, it becomes really easy for you to know whether the information systems are securing assets, maintaining the data integrity, and functioning effectively to achieve the objectives or goals of the organization.

Why Cyberops for Desktop Application VAPT?

Cyberops makes sure that you are offered the most suitable desktop application VAPT services –

  • The company makes it a point that your information assets are safe, desktop apps are functioning effectively and data integrity is maintained for making your organization achieve the security goals

  • The services are structured in a manner to ensure the fact that your devices are being operated in the secured environment and at an affordable price

  • Regular updates are offered of your software and hardware infrastructure’s security status with an overview of the desktop audit

  • A comprehensive picture of your network architecture is provided for assisting the users in prioritizing their safety requirements and determining the corresponding security methods

  • The company also offers assistance in data recovery planning and safe business planning

Cyberops have developed the penetration testing services for serving the latest solutions to the user’s all security problems. Their team of efficient penetration testers conducts the system’s all-round testing and also develops the assessment reports. After the detection of weaknesses, risk factor gets determined and suggestions are made for mitigating security flaws and weaknesses. The company believes in acknowledging the customers with their desktop applications’ health by analyzing the vulnerabilities as well as implementing the mitigation strategies.

Benefits for Desktop Application VAPT?

According to various reports, over 70% of the attacks, in recent times, occur at an application level. As per several surveys conducted over the years, people are attacking through desktop apps in the 21st century as it is easier than via network layer. Despite the common use of defenses like prevention systems or intrusion detection and firewalls, hackers are still able to pose major legal liability without even being detected or stopped.

Although there are numerous advantages of Desktop Application VAPT, some of the major ones are –

  • Maintaining the safe desktop app security architecture

  • Increased ROI for the IT investments

  • Security of desktop app from the cyber attacks

  • Any unnecessary capital loss can easily be avoided with the help of WAPT.

  • Safeguarding an organizations’ confidential and private data

  • Avoiding information misuse, manipulation, unauthorized access orloss

  • Gaining certification in the monitory compliance

  • Avoiding monetary losses

  • Maintaining the integrity of the desktop environment without having to compromise on productivity and user satisfaction

  • Prioritize the security requirements of your business permitting you to understand as well as define the security strategy from the defense perspective

  • Prioritize the security requirements of your business permitting you to understand as well as define the security strategy from the defense perspective

Clients get benefitted from DAPT as it offers a complete analysis of the existing security posture and a suggestion for reducing the exposure to currently recognized vulnerabilities are also highlighted. Hence, the clients can make informed decisions and manage the exposure of dangers in a better manner.