Penetration Testing

In the present world, technology has gifted us many ways to make our lives extremely convenient. Gathering information is just a mouse click away. The business owners, big or small, can now easily reach out to their respective target audience specifically using technological advancements via the internet. The presence of an online portal has become mandatory for the business profiles these days. It offers easement in creating brand awareness and to establish the business in a competitive market. The companies also run their daily operations using computers and other connected devices via the web or network applications. As we all know, everything has a good and a bad side. The web applications used by the companies become vulnerable to cyber mischief. The degree of vulnerability increases when the company still relies on the age-old security measures. This is where the use of penetration testing comes into the picture.

What is Penetration Testing?

As the name suggests, Penetration Testing is a unique approach where an ethical hacker penetrates a website application, computer systems, or network applications with pure conscience of the owner so that he/she can find out the anomalies in the security measures. It can be explained as virtually attacking the system in order to find the flaws. These flaws are the backdoors left open for the cybercriminals to use and steal valuable information or hamper the stored data. On detecting the flaws, a specific solution will be provided by the team performing Pen Testing to make the security system more fortified and invulnerable to such attacks.

Penetration Testing, also known as Pen Testing, can be done using an automated platform. It means that a tester can use a software platform to check the security measures of a web application from a remote location. The service can also be provided manually on the spot.

Objective of Penetration Testing

As mentioned earlier, the prime objective of Pen Testing is to find out the vulnerable points, the weaknesses, and backdoors of security systems utilized by an organization to safeguard data and information in its server. The security weaknesses are identified by using a specific software programming run by the experts. In most cases, the experts tend to provide a manual service in order to customize the approach and understand the contemporary situation perfectly. On the other hand, the testing team will also thoroughly check the security policies a company prefers to maintain. In fact, the team will also check the compliance of the security policies a company should adhere to so that any discrepancy can be identified and omitted. These protocols followed by Penetration Testing Companies will also find out whether the employees using the same platform are aware of the security policies or not. If not, awareness will be raised in accordance with the company to re-establish the protection measures firmly.

The Penetration Testing Companies are capable of showing organizations how security gaps can be exploited and harmful. The insights regarding these gaps will be relayed to the IT management team of the company and security protocols will be reinforced in order to avoid future threats. These testing methods are also termed as White Hat hacking or attacks as they are meant to explore the weak zones of a company’s online security profile.

How often security performance should be done?

The Pentesting Companies suggest every big or small organization checking the security performance at least once annually. The consistency of the web security performed by the IT management should be checked regularly to maintain the integrity of the measures.

The process will conduct an analysis checking regulatory measures and whether every aspect of the protocols is fulfilled or not. The security testing can be done when:

  1. A company is seeking assistance to add another network to the infrastructure. It is also done when a company is about to launch a new web application for the betterment of operations.

  2. When significant upgrades, changes, and modifications are done to the web and network applications, a security testing session is mandatory.

  3. When the organization is all set to open an office in a new location, the new network setup will need a thorough checkup from a Pentesting team.

  4. From time to time, the security system needs patches. When a new patch is applied, pen testing is done to check the vulnerable points in the system.

  5. The en-user policy changes considering the latest modifications in the industry. When there is a significant change in the end-user policy, conducting a test becomes absolutely important.

Penetration testing is not an approach that fits all needs. It all depends on the company size, employee volume, area of online presence, number of attack vectors, etc. The higher the number of parameters, the more customized a process will become. The approach is personalized by an avid pen testing agency so that it can fit well to the needs of a particular company.

It is considered to be an annual investment by the companies. A thorough checkup once every year to confirm the absence of any hole in the web security is mandatory. This investment will save the companies from future cyber attacks and will save a lot of resources, as well as, hassles. In fact, some of the companies have written protocols to follow. The compliance and other regulatory policies amended by the governing authorities make it mandatory to go through white-hat testing of the web application system.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

The skilled hackers out there can easily penetrate the simple security measures offered by an operating system. It can be devastating for an organization. The companies invest in preparing a fortified wall against such attacks to prevent data leakage and reinforce information security. Penetration Testing in India is mandated by IT and cyber laws for companies belonging to particular genres. Compromising sensitive information can put a company’s existence into a dangerous situation. This is why the organizations include the benefits of pen testing services offered by the leading agencies in India.

The benefits of pen testing are mentioned below.

  1. Detection of security threats

  2. As mentioned earlier, the Pen Testing Companies develop unique measures to scout through a web application system used by a company and detect the underlying holes in the security system. All the endpoints, networks, applications, and users will be examined using proficient tools and experience so that every gap can be identified and filled with proper solutions. A faulty process or vulnerability in security measures will be diagnosed by ethical hacking. The prime motto of this service is to eliminate future threats and make the security system of a network application stronger.

  3. Evade penalties by monitoring mandated protocols

  4. A company using web applications to handle sensitive information is obligated to use the security checking measures provided by the pen testing agencies in India. A security audit is one of the biggest concerns of reputed organizations and companies in India. A single loophole in the system might land up the brand in big problems. A violation in maintaining security protocols might end up in hefty penalties. For instance, a company handles sensitive patient information. If there is a discrepancy in the network and web applications that might lead to leakage of sensitive data, it will become a potential threat to the uses or patients. The concerned authorities perform security audits and will surely penalize a company if such blunders are identified in the system.

  5. Save yourself from network downtime

  6. On detection of security flaws, a company will have to follow a stringent process to remove them and make the system strong again. The implementation of remedies, retention programs, legal activities, customer protection, user validation, etc will take time depending on the size of the company. The downtime in network and web applications will also cost dearly to daily operations. Business will be down for hours and even days. Hiring Penetration Testing Companies in India will deliver a prospective result in no time as the efficient team will handle all the process in a versatile way. Restoring the security system and continuing the daily operations will not much time. Detection and mitigation of cyber threats will save a company from future hassles and huge loss of resources.

  7. Reinstating customer loyalty

  8. A single unfortunate event will sabotage the image of a company. It is very hard to rebuild customer loyalty once it is violated. This is where penetration testing can be a great resource. The image of the company will be fortified when regular testing is performed by hiring pen testing agencies.

  9. Avoid expensive security breaches

  10. The Penetration Testing Companies in Bangalore save companies from suffering from expensive security breaches. Considering all the mishaps, the testing services will save the company’s image and financial stability in the long run.

Penetration testing is a mandatory part of the security audit a company entitled to do every year. Maintaining cyber safety and protecting user information are the most important sections of industry standards that a company should maintain. This is how a company can increase brand loyalty and build trust.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Since websites are open to the internet, website vulnerabilities have the highest risk of being exploited. It may expose sensitive data which could be used for malicious practices. Thus, Web Application VAPT is of great importance to an organization.

Generally, websites are vulnerable to code or network-based attacks. If succeeded, the hacker takes over and can control the system components including switches, firewalls, routers and servers and even the website code. In severe cases, attacks can steal data and alter website operations. However, it is assumed that since the websites are simply HTML based, they are not prone to vulnerabilities. Whereas it is highly recommended to have a thorough security testing of websites, web applications or web portals, especially in case of e-commerce-based portals. Certified penetration testing (pen-testing) companies should be appointed for securing your IT infrastructure. It should be ensured that the company follows the security testing procedure based on OWASP Top-10 model.

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Mobile Appliaction Penetration Testing

With the introduction of the mobile application for fulfilling all the requirement, internet traffic has shifted from desktop browsers to mobile browsers. People tend to store their data on the phone since it is handy. However, mobile applications are not secured. They are vulnerable to attacks and pose serious cybersecurity threats. Further, users are not aware of how to store or transmit data securely.

The preliminary aim of conducting a mobile application penetration test is to identify all the exploitable vulnerabilities in the network or application that have the potential of being exploited by hackers. It will reveal various access points and ways in which a malicious hacker can compromise a database or application to gain unauthorised access to confidential data. In severe cases, they can take over the application for performing illegal activities.

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Network Penetration Testing

IT network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a process conducted by security experts to find the potential vulnerabilities which are prone to be exploited by malicious attacks. Since there is an ever-increasing risk by cybercrimes and hacking cases, it is essential to carry out network VAPT in order to protect sensitive data. Depending on the intensity of attack, the attacker may gain knowledge of the network or manipulate data for his/her own benefit.

To avoid such a condition, network pentesting is carried out to detect security flaws in the network which is generally a router or a firewall. Network penetration testing is a specialized procedure which ensures security and protection of your personal or company’s informational data.

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Wireless Penetration testing

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Desktop Application Penetration Testing

Desktop application security is often neglected by individuals and organizations. However. In order to ensure absolute security of company’s information assets, it is equally important to protect your desktop applications as any network, web application or mobile application. With the activation of auto updates in the operating systems, desktop applications have been constantly targeted by the malicious attacks to gain authorised access.

To avoid such situations of data loss and unauthentic access, Cyberops have developed penetration testing services to serve cutting-edge solutions to all your security problems. Our team of proficient penetration testers conduct all-round testing of the system and develop assessment reports. After the weakness are detected, the risk factor is determined and recommendation to mitigate weaknesses and security flaws are made. We believe in acknowledging you with the health of your desktop applications by analysing vulnerabilities and implementing mitigation strategies.

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