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Cyberops is known as the top cyber security company in India. We help companies by protecting their digital assets from black hat hackers.

Cyberops secure your future by ensuring secure digital transformation. When it comes to comprehensive cybersecurity protection, Cyberops is one of the best cyber security companies in India. We are the domain pioneers who thrive to build empowering cyberspace. Our expertise lies in offering discrete products and services to build a resilient security architecture.

We are at the forefront of protecting numerous organizations against cyber-attacks through our robust cybersecurity programs. Our profound expertise in security audit, digital forensics, and incidence response makes us a leading cyber security company in India.

We Offer Best Cyber Security Services

We believe in making today more secure than yesterday. With our resilient cybersecurity programs, you can avert maximum attacks and recover promptly from any that succeeded. Integrate cybersecurity to your organization’s very core with our services.


We stimulate real-world attacks to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, thus improving your cybersecurity posture.

ISO 27001 Audit

We comply with ISO 27001 protocols to secure your financial data, private information, and third-party assets.

PCI DSS Compliance

We facilitate in-depth assessment and analysis of your IT infrastructure in accordance to the security protocols mandated by PIC DSS.

SOC 2 Audit

By using the SOC2 framework, we ensure that the controls and policies of your cloud-based technology are intact, thereby protecting your client’s data.

Digital Forensics and Incidence Response

Get access to 24/7 threat tracking, detection, and immediate response handled by our team of experts.

Cyber Security Training

By consolidating 15 years of our domain expertise, we have formulated a comprehensive, precise and hands-on training program.

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One platform, complete protection

Cyberops groundbreaking intelligence offers the latest defenses against hazardous cyber threats.

Our Cybersecurity evaluation goes far beyond the scope of a typical security audit. It offers a foundational analysis through which we develop resilient cybersecurity programs. The program is designed to ensure effective outcomes while best suiting your needs.

Cyberops's security solutions are highly modular to meet your needs with flexibility.

You don’t have to hassle every time a new security challenge arises. We offer a consolidated security posture through our modular and scalable solutions. It reduces the complexity involved in security deployment as well as increases ROI.

We combine intelligence, technology, and expertise to deliver security that excels.

Cyberops conducts a 360-degree view into assets to reduce risk, eliminate complexity, hunt for threats, and accelerate quick response against existing flaws. Our next-gen programs are engineered for securing today’s digital businesses, helping them to accelerate time-to-value.

Cyberops has a dedicated R&D team for detecting zero-day vulnerabilities.

A single zero-day vulnerability is powerful enough to collapse your business. Keeping all the known vulnerabilities patched cannot guarantee complete safety against zero-day exploits. To mitigate the risk, Cyberops has a dedicated team for keeping you updated with the latest patches, so hackers don’t get their hands on a zero-day vulnerability.

A unified platform approach for preventing cyber attacks

We are the industry’s tested and proven leaders who offer complete protection across critical areas of risk in your organization’s digital infrastructure.


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The Internet is full of apps and it’s difficult to differentiate between a genuine and malicious ones. Using such apps with potential bugs can put you and your business at high risk whilst making the data vulnerable. Mobile application VAPT will uncover all the access points which hackers can use to compromise the app or database. ”
Our holistic approach towards mobile pentesting starts with understanding the application infrastructure and the types of data it handles. Then, we conduct static analysis, dynamic analysis, and pentesting techniques to find security weaknesses and loopholes.
Before releasing a mobile application into the market, you would prefer to take it through a series of checkpoints; wherein security factor would be a critical criterion. Mobile application penetration testing can help you gain confidence that the application is robust against data compromises. It will help you adhere to the security protocols mentioned under GDPR standards and thereby validate your reputation as a cyber-secured company.
Every new update on your mobile application increases the chances of security weaknesses. To ensure a smooth and secure flow of operations, it is recommended to conduct pentesting after every mobile application update.

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