Students and teachers were highly appreciating your session. The training was highly useful and we hope that you shall provided valuable time for us in future also.

Prof. Radhey Shyam
M.D. University Rohtak

We are grateful for your time and effort to share your thoughts and experience with our officers. Your presentation was timely and an eye opener which helped augment our security systems.

Brig. Amitabh Joshi
Indian Army

I am sanguine that the knowledge gained will surely help us in maintaining security of sensitive information. We are indeed grateful that you could spare time out of your busy schedule and we acknowledge your yeomen service to the armed forces.

Maj. Gen. Dushyant Singh (GOC)
Indian Army

I acknowledge & appreciate your efforts in solving and assisting us in Cyber Crime cases helping Jaipur Police to the core in the investigations. You played a vital role in strengthening Police system by your dedication. We also look forward for more interaction and association with you in matters concerning Cyber Crime in time to come.

B. L. Soni (I.P.S)
Commissioner of Police, Jaipur

Your insightful inputs in the investigation of the cyber crime, delivered in an interactive manner have proved very effective for all the participants.

PS Phanlnikar (I.P.S.)
Addl. D.G, MP police academy

The officers and staff of Cyber Cell who participated in the training program have benefitted through the inputs and case studies presented by you during the training.

Anil Kumar Gupta (I.P.S)
I.G Cyber Cell, Bhopal

Accept my appreciation for all your efforts in assisting us in tracking and cracking our cases with all your expertise and hard work. Your assistance was timely and played a imperative role in the investigations.

Dr. Ravi (I.P.S)
SP ATS, Jaipur

I would like to place my sincere gratitude on record that your efforts made in educating the course participants on cyber crime and security in such a simple manner was outstanding and was very well received by them.

B.S. Chouhan
Director ISA, CRPF, Mount Abu