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Website Audit recent times, Jaipur has become the IT hub of India. It is the core of information technology and is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Top Indian names of the IT sector, such as Wipro, Infosys, Mindtree have Website Audit headquarters in Jaipur . All of these developments have led to an influx of several Website Audit Companies in Jaipur .

The need Website Audit in Jaipur also increased because all the IT sector offices needed to ensure the security of data from the increasing threat of hackers. Be it a big enterprise or a medium one, every business that depends heavily on computers and is involved in the big data ecosystem needs to maintain the security of their computer and this is where they make use of Website Audit Companies in Jaipur .

VAPT is a fairly common practice that big firms related to information technology perform regularly. This practice is divided into two parts. The first part is called the Vulnerability Assessment. The second part of the term stands for Website Audit. Both these steps are aimed at establishing the strength of the security of an IT company’s technological infrastructure.

The Vulnerability Assessment part aims at discovering and exposing the network of various web applications and the loopholes in its security. Once these loopholes are discovered, the company gets to know its weak points. The company gains by discovering the vulnerabilities of its inner infrastructure. The first part of VAPT is just concerned with finding the loopholes.

The second part VAPT is called the Website Audit. It is a hacking attempt that aims to check how the system will fare in case of a real-time hacking. This hacking is done to get an idea about what can be done and what happens when the system comes under a hacking threat. The insights that one gets from the vulnerability assessment is used here. All the vulnerabilities that were exposed earlier are confirmed during the Website Audit. During this orchestrated malware infection and hacking attempt, we get a complete picture of how our existing infrastructure will act if it comes under seize.

The assessment tests are performed in three ways that test different scenarios in which a hacker can attempt to get in a computer system. One thing that is important while running these tests is the fact that their scope needs to be very clearly defined. These test types are:

  • Black Box Testing:

    In this type of testing the experts try to invade into a company’s system in a manner where the hacker would not have any advanced knowledge of the systems and networks involved in the company’s system.

  • Gray Box Testing

    In this type of testing, the experts invade a system with some semblance of information about the company’s internal systems and networks. Here a common method that is used is a mixture of black-box testing and white box testing.

  • White Box Testing

    Here the experts perform VAPT from inside the internal network of the company itself. This time the experts make use of all knowledge about the systems and network architecture.

Even though both VA and PT should be conducted together, a company can also choose to have either of VA or PT. Vulnerability Assessment will tell one how the core security of their system is doing, and a Website Audit tells one how that core security system will do in case of a hacking attack. Website Audit Companies in Jaipur offer a comprehensive report after performing VA and PT. In this report, the test conductors outline what improvements a company should undertake based on the assessment. These recommendations are made in the best interest of the company.

Why are VAPTs important?

VAPTs are very important in today’s world where corporate and brands are essentially building their fortune out of information. The biggest asset of these brands, be it the customer service agencies, lead generation companies, or software manufacturers, is their data. Hackers around the world are constantly trying to come with ways in which they can break high-security systems.

In recent years there has been a manifold increase in the number of hacking-related crimes. The cyber attackers have broken into systems of prestigious institutions like government agencies and universities such as Stanford. All this speaks about the sheer skillfulness of these hackers.

Ransomware is the top way via which hackers blackmail companies into spending money after they get hold of important information post hacking. Once upon a time investing in a good and reliable antivirus system was enough but the world has changed. The malware infections are equipped with knowledge about backdoor entries. The best way to secure your systems is by strengthening self-awareness and constantly updating protective measures by conducting drills and vulnerability assessment. This can be best done with VAPT only.

VAPT prepares you from real line threats and ensures the safety of your data. There might not be any direct returns by investing in something like them but with time all money spent on security becomes worth every penny. It is better to be safe than sorry. The money that is spent on conducting these tests and assessment is lesser than the money that goes in recovering from hacking attempt.

Who performs VAPTs?

All the VAPT tests conducted by Website Audit Companies in Jaipur are performed by leading experts who belong to the field of Information Security. These experts sign legal non-disclosure agreements and pass thorough background checks.

Many Website Audit Companies in Jaipur wonder about how frequently they should perform audits. While there is no appropriate number and each case depends on several factors such as the size of the company, the level of risk, etc. Most big companies do biannual auditing and some brands that have high risks even perform VAPT every month.

The time that it takes to perform the Vulnerability Assessment and Website Audit ranges anywhere between three to five days. The exact time when the tests and evaluation begin can be customized according to the convenience of the client.