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Young cyber criminal "Fear" claims he got to and stole individual information from US government servers | Cyberops

Young cyber criminal “Fear” claims he got to and stole individual information from US government servers

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 22, 2016

A high school cyber criminal has accessed several US government servers such as .us and .gov spaces and stolen a sensitive information of individual data US natives. The cyber criminal likewise guaranteed that he could get to voter enlistment information and Florida’s drug store remedy checking program. Dread said that he wants to dump a portion of the information on the web.

Fear likewise asserted that he downloaded monstrous measures of information from the .us spaces, which for the most part host US state government sites. He said that he could take government disability numbers, charge card numbers, email and physical locations, telephone numbers, web-managing an account exchanges and the sky is the limit from there.

“I accessed a ftp server, that recorded access to all the ftp’s on .us spaces, and those .us areas were facilitated alongside .gov , so I could get to all that they facilitated, for example, open information, private information, source codes and so on.”, Fear told “It was exceptionally easy to access the first box that recorded all the .us areas, and their ftp server logins. I experienced every single one, it was genuine. I am almost certain about each individual who does security exploring can do this, yes, it might have took me around 3 hours or 4 hours or glancing around, however it is still conceivable.”

Information put away in clear text:

The cyber criminal additionally guaranteed that every one of the information he revealed was put away in clear text and accompanied no encryption. “I could read every last bit of it in plain content structure,” he said. He likewise asserted to have downloaded 101087939 government managed savings numbers from an anonymous state, adding that he could accumulate a great many charge card numbers also.

In particular, the cyber criminal asserted that he stole managing an account exchanges from the First Bank of Ohio, email address, telephone numbers and physical location of hopefuls of the Minnesota school board, Washington state voter enrollment and drug store medicine checking data for the condition of Florida, among others.


After this article was published, the alleged hacker Fear, posted a statement claiming to have lied to the media to “troll them”. In light of the statements made, reports suggest that evidence of any new cyber attacks provided by the supposed hacker may also dubious.

Fear’s statement reads:

“Hello, media, hackers, pen testers.

Today I will be revealing the truth.

I did not hack Neustar, i lied to media to troll them. I hacked into 38 government ftp servers, and had access to states data. The bank breaches included has nothing to do with my breach on the ftps. I gained access to the banks because i breached North Dakota bank back in early 2016. I had access to gov banks in each state. So i used it to troll the media.

Yes, the government did get hacked, along with social security numbers from the back, tax papers, voting data. But Neustar was a mirage to troll the media.

What really happened (SUMMARY)

-United States banking server with known gov banks was breached. (100million SSNs, maybe more.)

-Government FTP servers hacked via exploit, not neustar.

-30+ .US and .gov domains were hacked via exploit.



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