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XData ransomware Released Decryptor Tool | Cyberops

XData ransomware Released Decryptor Tool

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 2, 2017

ESET has created and released a decryption tool for AESNI, or XData, ransomware variants.

Anyone infected by the malware, also known as Win32/Filecoder. AESNI. B and Win32/Filecoder. AESNI. C can use the ESET tool. The decryptor ideal for files encrypted with the RSA key employed by AES-NI variant B, which adds the extensions. aes256, aes_ni, and. aes_ni_0day to the damaged files, as well as files damaged by AES-NI variant C (or XData) with the extensions. ~xdata~ to any files it encrypts.

The tool may attend just in time as an uptick in the use of XData has lately been spotted with most infection occurring between May 17 and May 22. Simply before this wave of attacks, Bleeping Computer reported that XData’s developer said the ransomware’s code got been stolen in February or March.


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