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What is Windows Operating System

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 28, 2017

Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems and operating environments, developed by Microsoft. The very first version of the Windows operating systems – MS-DOS, was introduced in 1985, it had a graphical user interface.It has secured the support of several documents, support for a computer mouse, a drop-down menu, and all that was possible to see in colors.

What is the Windows Operating System from Microsoft

The very name of the Windows, in Russian means “Windows” and is synonymous in our language windows and other derivatives obtained after translation.

The following versions of Windows are gradually replaced with more built in MS-DOS, the hardware and software functionality. All the brought changes in Microsoft MS-DOS with the further integration have contributed to the production of the advanced operating system.

Currently, Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system, not only because of the usual amenities for impressive and functional but also because of the high level of integration with its core features and other software, including MS Office.

Widely used Windows OS

Although at first, this integration program had problems with security, today Microsoft Windows is widely used not only on PCs but also on the server versions of computer technology. The latest Windows 10, became the final link in the chain of releases of the OS, but it does not herald the end of its development cycle.

As an integrated operating system, all versions of Microsoft Windows come with preinstalled software that can be used immediately after installation. Basic word processing and calculator have become available for use in the very first version of Windows. Windows 98 brought Media Payer, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express. Starting with Windows Vista DVD Maker appeared pictures and sidebar that in Windows 7, 8, 10 is a gadget-informer. Starting from the second Windows XP service pack, and with the release of Windows Vista, there was a built-in safety feature – a firewall (firewall). This functionality in modern Windows OS is implemented at the kernel level. Due to the sandbox, malicious behavior can cause system-wide instability or breach of security, all the software works for chapels kernel, including third-party anti-virus systems.

Windows – it is not only the host operating system

In addition to the general consumer versions of Windows operating systems for the PC, Microsoft has released the server versions, mobile and embedded version of its operating system. Windows Server System is a competitive administrative package includes services to update the storage server, web server, media server, and an even more impressive functionality than it may seem to the beginner.
This package is designed primarily for business use, organizations who need to administer the network and integrate it into different types of computers for their own purposes.
Windows Mobile is a series of operating systems designed for PDA and smartphone such personal devices.

Every day produces Microsoft Windows innovations and security updates. Many users are quite satisfied with the opportunity to work in this logically constructing a family of Windows operating systems. In addition, the latest version of Windows 10 with Microsoft Word will be a new leap in the world of technology.

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