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Which Programming Language you Should learn & Job Opportunities

Which Programming Language you should learn

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment July 21, 2016

Which Programming Language you should learn

So you want to learn programming language and make sure you are confusing that which programming language is best to as bright future. I often notice that people ask what programming language they should learn. And you have asked with your friend or family member which in developing field. And they are explained you in technical language and you do not understand like what is object oriented programming or many terms.
And most probably question from first time learners, and the fact is that you could ask 5 people that what the best language, and get 5 different type of answer.
If you want to learn programming language then its not depending to which language is suitable for you, its depends on what it is you want to make or do.
A programmer must know few languages and dedicated to learn and grow as technology advances.

An overview of Programming Language
So lets start to comparing programming language:

Dynamic Language
Dynamic Language is flexible and easy to learn for beginners, you can build a program with less lines of code.

Javascript is an object oriented computer programming language which based on client side scripting for used front end development and used to create interactive effects in web browser, so don’t confusing in java and Javascript. It is used to create interactive web apps. It is compatible across all browsers. Java is very light weight and small language, it was developed independently.

Ruby was made by the Ruby on Rails framework. It have a full-stack web framework. As ruby you can easily read like English, Good number of developers could suggest to learning Ruby as your  first programming language. Ruby generally used to back-end development, there are many of examples of website like Shopify, Hulu, slideshare and much more.

It is again highly recommended programming language for beginners, Programming developers used  to create and build desktop app and web app alike. It have great features for data mining. Python
is made for scientific computing, bioinformatics and data analysis. Example of good websites in python are Google, DropBox, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, Pinterest, Civilization IV and much more.

PHP is easy to conceptualization what the php code will do, so it is easy to get concept of PHP. Basically PHP is server side scripting language. Most of website have been made with PHP. Examples of website like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, Tumblr and much more.

Statically Language
Statically are known to be more salable, stable and maintainable. Apps built with statically  Languages. Game engines, mobile apps, and enterprise-level backends are usually built with statically typed languages.

Java is used to build Android apps, desktop apps, and games. Java is also commonly used as a server-side language for enterprise-level back-end development. Hadoop is popular java-based framework used for storing big data. It is implemented by Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon Web Services.

C has influenced almost all programming languages we’ll be examining in this article, especially Objective-C and C++. So, if you know C well, you’d probably have less difficulty picking up other popular languages. C takes more complex code to perform simple-tasks. So it is difficult as beginner but knowledge of C will definitely help you as a programmer.

Objective-C / Swift (for iOS development)
It is a layer of ‘C’ language, making it static, but it can also be used for dynamic. Inspired by Python, Swift aims to be easy for coding newbies to pick up, and has been designed to fix some of the issues of Objective-C.

C++ is a powerful language based on Object Oriented Programming Language. And based on ‘C’ Language. Used to build games, game engines, desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications. C++ is powerful and fast, so even Facebook has developed several high performance and high reliability components with it.

C # (C Sharp) is developed to be used for Microsoft .Net Framwork, which runs on Microsoft Windows. C# is used for development like web development, game development, general Microsoft development. Recently you can also use C# to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android through Xamarin.


SQL is stands for Structured Query Language, which communicate with Database, Although use SQL cannot use build applications. It is only used to manage data in applications that use RDBMS ( Relational Database Management System)


For that reason, now you know somewhat about programming languages and perhaps a little bit about their perceived difficulty. Nevertheless, not all languages have the same demand or salary. If your goal in learning how to program is job opportunity and you simply aren’t going to be dissuaded by how hard people say a language will likely be, here are some pointers to help you figure out what language you should learn.

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