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WhatsApp Scam: Beware of the Free Internet Offer

WhatsApp Scam

WhatsApp Scam: Beware of the Free Internet Offer

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment August 3, 2019

In 2019, WhatsApp turned 10 years old, and that fact has not escaped the attention of cybercriminals looking to exploit the anniversary.

The free internet scam is going out of control stating false news like free internet on the social network. “The scam is spreading fast. A WhatsApp Message of offering 1000GB of free Internet data” was received by Researchers from ESET  by way of a WhatsApp birthday present to its users.

Unfortunately, it is WhatsApp’s 10th anniversary year and gifts to loyal members are not exactly usual, it would be all too easy for the unwary user to get carried away by the fraudulent promotion.

What does the message say?

Scam messages comes with a link which does not belong to an official WhatsApp domain. 

If you were to click on the link, you would be taken to a page that invites you to answer a series of questions in the form of a survey — starting from the opinion of how you found the offer t on the app. After all questions are answered, the website claim to offer rewards, if the survey is passed to at least 30 people in WhatsApp.

The fraudsters are  aimed to get many clicks on their links. The click helps the fraudsters to gain revenue that is highly dependent on racking up bogus ad clicks.

Researchers couldn’t find user’s data manipulation or gathering by any 3rd party applications and didn’t find any malicious software which instantly gets download by just one click. 

With the WhatsApp-themed scam, the scammers want are gaining profit. By clicking on these scams might end up their website that could download third-party apps.

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