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Whats App Data Backup And Recover Deleted Chat

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment July 21, 2016

WhatsApp Data Backup
The Purpose of this script is to provide method to extract there cipher key for the non-rooted WhatsApp user. Cipher Key is must required to decrypt WhatsApp messages or data which are converted into Crypt 6,7,8,9 backup files. This script works on USB backup feature on Android 4.0 or higher version.
The things you need to run that script
1. Operating System: Windows 7
2. Java
3. USB Debugging must enable from developer option
4. ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
5. Android device with 4.0 or higher version and install Driver of your android phone into your system.
– Extract on your computer, and you can download it from
– Now double click on “WhatsAppKeyExtractor.bat”
– Connect your device with USB and do not enter the password and tap to “Back Up My Data” on your android phone.
– After completing that process of WhatsAppKeyExtractor.bat will contain your whatsapp.cryptkey file and WhatsApp Database
Step 1: Double Click on WhatsAppKeyExtractor.bat and let complete that process.


Step2: Leave password field and tap on Back up My Data


Step 3: Go to the extracted folder and you can see that there are database file and whatsapp.cryptkey file.


Step 3: Now download WhatsApp Viewer from   and run WhatsApp Viewer.exe and go to file menu and click on open


Step4: Then open WhatsApp Database from extracted folder and choose msgstore.db, your account name mean your registered email id which is synchronization with WhatsApp


Step5: After press OK you can see that your all contact are show and their messages are on right side section.


Note: Its show only you’re current messages not those messages which are deleted.
So now how to recover your deleted messages
Step1: Go to your mobile WhatsApp folder and open database folder, then copy all database backup from your computer system
Step2: Now again open WhatsApp Viewer and click on file menu and click decrypt file according to your database file may be it is db.crypt8, And select Database file.
Key file is on extracted folder but it is with different extension so rename it only with “key” name


and then click on ok.


Now you can see your older message or deleted message.


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